Administrative note regarding Sidie’s Rangers

Last week the Secret Service, declared war on Sidie’s Rangers, with the intention of having a small scale conflict before the “September drop” kicked in. The Secret Service led by DMan64w started off the war with a 3-0 victory over SR. However, in a surprising turn of events, the People’s Imperial Confederation who colonized Sidie’s Rangers decalred war on their colony because a leader of SR, an individual who goes by the screen name Mansionz, criticized PIC leaders for their new alliance with the Templars of Club Penguin as shown in the picture below (screen grab from PIC’s war declaration)

Edit: As more information has come to light, this post has been modified to reflect new information

Reader discretion advised, the following pictures contain abusive language and may not be suitable for all audiences

SR leader Mansionz criticizing PIC leader LEGOMAN (screengrab from PIC’s war declaration post linked above)

PIC battles SR

Soon afterwards, PIC went to war with SR under CPAN’s league rules. Under the league’s common terms of engagement, toxic tactics, in any form whatsoever are forbidden. Any side engaging in such tactics will lose the battle and by extension, war. On the night of August the 23rd, PIC and SR battled it out for control of the server Sparkle. During this battle, the judges noticed Mansionz, leading a toxic tactic as follows


Mansionzz leading a toxic tactic against Sidie (one of the leaders of PIC)

PIC and the judges who adjudicated the battle were not happy with this behavior and reported it to the administration soon after the battle resulting in Mansionz’s ban. Since SR violated war terms, PIC would be declared winner. PIC leader Sidie soon after sent a few screenshots showing that SR troops (specifically Mansionz) had multilogged. This is also against the league’s common terms of engagement and would result in an automatic win for PIC. SS leader DMan approached me, telling me the battle was a smoke screen for SR to transfer land PIC, given that the SS-SR war prevents SR from transferring land to any third party directly.

Who really is Mansionz?

A colony criticizing its colonizers in such a manner is unheard of. So I found it odd that an SR leader would do such a thing. To resolve this issue, I decided to dig deeper and find out the intentions of this individual. As with any ban for toxicity, I always check mutual servers and inform other army leaders about said individual’s actions so that they may take appropriate action in their servers. To my surprise, Mansionz shared only 1 army server in common with me – Rebel Penguin Federation, which happens to be an army I lead. Mansionz was invited by Sidie on a temporary invite as shown. Based on the logs, and the circumstantial evidence and complaints made against SR, I concluded that Mansionz was Sidie’s alt.

[Edit]: It has now come to light the Sidie and Mansionz are two different individuals who know . All pictures provided below are courtesy of People’s Imperial Confederation

Screenshot from CPA:TG showing Sidie and Mansionz logged on at the same event

Screenshot PIC’s main chat

Where does this leave us?

Finding creative ways to work war/battle rules in your favor has always been a thing in Club Penguin armies. I fully expect this to continue into the future. However, willful violation of league rules, specifically multilogging and using despicable tactics in battle is not something I expect from anyone. SR tried to skirt the rules to transfer land to its former colonizer and should be ashamed of themselves for resorting to such dirty tactics.

To this end, I’m declaring the Secret Service as the winners of the war. All land of SR will be transferred to SS. I’m also hereby formally warning the Sidie’s Rangers. Should you try underhanded tactics like this again, you are liable to face punitive action which may include removal from the league.

As an interim admin of CPAN, my job is to ensure that all armies are treated fairly under the league’s rules. Unfortunately, today’s circumstances led to people being unfairly called out and to this end, I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to both PIC and Sidie. Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.


CPAN Interim Administrator

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