Park Service War: Day One Recap

SNOW STORM, Club Penguin Army Network Capital – The first day of the Park Service War between the Secret Service and Sidie Rangers has just emerged, with an invasion taking place. Who came out victorious first battle?

Context: On the 20th of August, the Secret Service declared war on the Sidie Rangers. Now labeled Park Service War, occurred due to the Secret Service’s hunt for more land and their want to secure a true victory in combat. The Rangers have yet to officially make an official statement to the declaration but have shown up to the battlefield to defend their land.

The war terms laid out by the Secret Service.

At 2:00 PM EST on August 22nd, the Secret Service and Sidie Rangers fought in a battle to obtain the server Christmas by Sidie Rangers. The two armies were both similar in tactical pace and similar sizes in the first room, which led to a tie. Following the second and third room, while both were in a very close conflict, Sidie Rangers failed to uphold their sizes and had loose formations.

After a thrilling battle for Christmas, the judges’ rulings were released. The Secret Service was able to successfully invade the Sidie Ranger’s land with a 2-0-1 score. Congratulations to the Secret Service!

Judge Dragon declaring a 2-0-1 victory for the Secret Service, successfully invading Christmas.

From this first battle, Secret Service is upholding a first battle victory on their war with Sidie Rangers. Looking at this battle, the war might be a close call, with both armies averaging around the same sizes. The Secret Service has scheduled their next invasion of the Sidie Rangers on Wednesday, August 25th at 9 AM EST. The Club Penguin Army Network will keep you updated on any new information on the war.

What do YOU think? Who do YOU think will be the victorious army in this war? What will be the Sidie Ranger’s next move? Make sure to leave your opinions on the Club Penguin Army Network Discord server!


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