LEGOMAN Army Undergoes a Whirlwind of Leadership Changes

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – Just nearly two weeks after their revival, the LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH saw some leadership changes. How will this affect their current generation?

The Legoman Army was founded on July 28th, 2020 by Legoman, who was enlisted in the Ice Warriors at the time. The army was created to not only publicize Legoman, but so he could also gain a name-glow within  Following their acceptance into the Club Penguin Army Hub, the Legoman Army would stay fairly active, until their closure in October 2020. On August 4th, a revival event occurred, with a total of 11 attending. No event took place since. 

LEGOMAN Army’s revival event, seeing sizes of 11+

On August 15th, Legoman made an announcement regarding new leadership changes. Sidie9Omsk, and Kēn were all announced to be the next commanders of the army. All three have had their fair share of army experience. Sidie9 is a current army legend and army creator of the People’s Imperial Confederation, which she currently leads. Omsk, otherwise known as Comedy, is a former army leader, best known for her leading stint with the Silver Empire. Kēn is a current member of the People’s Imperial Confederation, and also a valiant recruiter.

Legoman Announces New Legman Army Leaders

Shortly following her promotion to commander, Omsk has decided to step away from the army. Within her brief announcement, she claims that Legoman decided to fire her, and gave no specific reasoning.

Omsk Announcing her Departure

The CP Army Network reached out to both Kēn and Sidie9 about their recent promotions. While Sidie9 didn’t provide a statement, Kēn had the following to say:

Uh, it was a very hard discussion to make but I got the big role in LMA. I give my regards to the ones that didn’t make it. I’m very grateful for the position in this great oh great army. PS KenH3c!

The Army Network also reached out to Omsk regarding her recent departure from leadership. She provided us with the following statement:

As Lego said in my promotion, I was brought into the leadership team as a place filler until a better open was found. I refused to judge a battle so Lego was forced to let me go. It’s okay though, my one and only HOO RAH was a great one!

While originally starting with three, the army has now dropped to two leaders. All chosen for their own purpose, it’ll be interesting to see how the army fairs within the next few weeks. Will Sidie9 and Kēn be able to restore the army to its former glory?

What do YOU think? What will this new leadership bring? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the CPAN Discord!


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