Coming in Hot: Ugly Crowned New Fire Warriors Leader

HOT CHOCOLATE, Fire Warriors Captial – Following a recent retirement, the Fire Warriors have inducted Ugly as their newest leader. What will this mean for the Warriors?

Ugly joined armies in February 2020, becoming a member of the Aliens. Following his enlistment, he joined the Tree Cult and eventually climbed the ranks to Main Leader before retiring from the army community. Ugly eventually returned to armies, enlisting in the Dark Champions as Third in Command. He eventually rose up to leadership in the Champions, before the army shut down in early 2021. After the army’s revival, Ugly joined the Fire Warriors as a staff member and rose his way through the ranks to Leader-in-Training.

The Fire Warriors in a recent battle against the Golden Troops.

Wwe009 created the Fire Warriors in August 2007, and battled major armies such as the Army of Club Penguin, Ice Warriors, and the Dark Warriors. The Warriors have been one of the prodominant Small/Medium armies during the past few months, making their way up to a major army position in this week’s Top Ten.

Following their victory against the Golden Troops in the Challengers Cup 2, AustinFraud announced the promotion of Ugly to Main Leader. Austin stated that Ugly has been being trained to be a leader for many months, and after showing much dedication, he has earned the role of Leader.

AustinFraud announcing Ugly’s promotion to leader.

The Club Penguin Army Network staff reached out to Ugly about his recent promotion.

What caused you to join the Fire Warriors army?

Sweater dmed me one night offering me a good spot in an army he’s reviving, me gladly accepting as it had some couple friends I knew from the past

What do you plan to bring to this army?

With already proceeding to the semi finals of the Challengers Cup 2, my main objective currently is to bring our army it’s trophy that it deserves no matter what it takes.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Fear the Flames.

We would like to congratulate Ugly on his promotion to leader! Ugly seems determined to win the Challengers Cup 2 alongside his fellow leaders. How will the Warriors fare with their new leader? The Club Penguin Army Network will cover all new developments from the Fire Warriors.

What are YOUR thoughts on Ugly’s promotion? How do you think the Fire Warriors will fare in the next round of the Challenger’s Cup with their new leader? Let us know in our Discord server! 


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