Top Ten Armies: [8/8/21 – 8/14/21]

SNOW STORM, CPAN’s TT Office – As the Legends Cup comes to an end, certain key army leaders have retired. Additionally, many S/M armies are preparing for the Challenger’s Cup hosted by CPAHQ. How did the events influence the TT scores for this week? Read down below to find this week’s scores.

1. Help Force [+3] (84.2)

2. Ice Warriors [+0] (81.11)

3.  Rebel Penguin Federation [-2] (76.65)

4. Army of Club Penguin [+1] (54.92)

5. Templars [-2] (50)

6. Water Vikings [+0] (41.4)

7. Special Weapons and Tactics [+0] (40.47)

8. People’s Imperial Confederation [+4] (38.22)

9. Smart Penguins [-1] (32.42)

10. Fire Warriors [+5] (29.75)

—- Close to Top 10 —-

11. Silver Empire [-2] (29.16)

12. Post Malone Army [+5] (28.33)

13. Secret Service [-2] (25.1)

14. Red Ravagers [+4] (21.25)

15T. Dua Inn Lipa Fighters [+1] (21)

15T. Golden Troops [-5] (21)

16. Skateboarders [-3] (19.66)

17. Eclipse of Club Penguin [+4] (15.5)

18. Roach Revengers [NEW] (12.5)

19. Crimson Guardians [RETURN] (11.5)

20. Wet Army Penguins [NEW] (9.5)

21. Sidie’s Rangers [RETURN] (8.5)

22. Sea Serpents [RETURN] (6.5)

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Disclaimer: Summaries are based on armies’ own reports, whereas size points are based on recounted pictures.

1. Help Force: The mighty Help Force has secured #1 this week on the TT board, breaking amazing numbers as they competed in both the semi-final and Finals in the Legends Cup tournament. Their first event was the semi-finals round of the Legends cup against the Ice Warriors, which they won maxing 83 penguins. They held an AUSIA Baywatch training event and maxed 38 helpers. Following that, they had formations training in prep for the Legends cup with their allies, the Army of Club Penguin. They maxed 24 penguins at the event. To wrap the week up, they competed in the finals for the Legends cup maxing 80+ penguins. What an impressive week. 

2. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors had a pretty exciting week, holding 7 events in total.  They kicked things off with a big one, the Semi-Finals of the Legends Cup XI Tournament.  Even though they didn’t manage to secure the win, they still came out with an impressive max of 82.  Following that, the next day they held an Ice Fishing Tournament, with 44 fishermen attending. To continue their week, 29 warriors logged on for a Staff-led battle training event, followed by a Practice Battle against the Water Vikings, which saw a max of 26.  Moving on, their EU/US division logged on for a racing event, with a max of 35 penguins. An AUSIA Troop U-Lead followed, with 37 attendings.  They finished off their week on a bittersweet note, with Erick’s retirement event, with 69 warriors honoring their now former leader.

3. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation held 8 events throughout the week. They started with an EU/US Scavenger Hunt where they maxed 35 penguins. They held an AUSIA mining event and the “Operation: To The Beat” where they maxed 37 and 31, respectively. Next, they held an EU training event where they maxed 37 penguins. On another jam-packed day, they held an AUSIA uniformed training event maxing 37, followed by their US “Operation: Thursday Night Funkin” dance competition, maxing 35 penguins. With the LCXI finals just around the corner, they held one last US training event, “Operation: Ancient Training” with a max of 32 penguins, right before the big day. RPF then concluded their week with the LCXI finals, where they fought head to head against Help Force. Not only did they max an astounding 89 penguins, but they also took the victory for this year’s Legends Cup! Congratulations to RPF for their well-fought win!

4. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin had a busy week with a total of 6 events. They began with an AUSIA Pizza Party race maxing 27. The following day, the army maxed 28 during their Bean Scavenger Hunt. Later, they logged on for some quick tactics and a Cart Surfer competition with 32 participants. On Thursday, 30 members of their AUSIA division collected the Party Stamp at an Igloo Raid event. Their second-to-last event saw them max 28 at an “Exciting Formations Battle” vs. their brother allies, The Help Force. To conclude their week, an impressive 39 penguins gathered to face off The Templars in a heated battle, ultimately securing the victory.

5. Templars: The Templars had a busy week with 5 events this week, starting off with a Practice Battle against ACP, maxing 35 penguins online. They continued the battling with a 37 max when they went against the Skateboarders. Their third Practice Battle of the week, reaching 32 templars online, was against the Smart Penguins. They had a surprise unscheduled event, which maxed 31 penguins. Finally, to finish the week of battles, they had a training event, with a max of 27.

6. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings began their week on Monday, holding an AUSIA training event, and reaching a max of 11. They held an EU/US training the next day, where they hit a size of 20. On Wednesday, they had an EU/US practice battle with the Ice Warriors, reaching a max of 20. They held another practice battle the next day, this time an AUSIA one with the Secret Service, where they peaked at 15. Their final event was an EU/US practice battle vs SWAT, with 23 Vikings in attendance.


7. Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT held a total of 5 events this week. To start off their week, they saw 25 troops log on for a Mining Takeover. Next up the army held a u-lead event which saw a max of 23. 15 Troops logged on for a roller skate-themed event. The army then bid farewell to Mare in a retirement event which saw 36 troops log on to say goodbye to their leader. Lastly, the army saw 16 SWAT troops log on to battle the Water Vikings in a practice battle.


8. People’s Imperial Confederation: Ascending onto the Top Ten is the People’s Imperial Confederation held 5 total events. They began with an invasion of Bobsled from PMA, where they won 2-1 with 12 troops. An AUSIA invasion of the PMA server Permafrost saw them succeed once more after maxing 16 troops. Their streak came to an end with a failed invasion of Foggy Rock, but PIC still maxed a solid 17 troops. A stunning total of 23 troops then invaded Jack Frost from a no-show PMA. To wrap things up, a US training was hosted in which it maxed 9 troops.

9. Smart Penguins: Smart Penguins held 4 events this week, two of which were part of their ongoing war with Golden Troops. First was an AUSIA training which featured 9 Smarties. Next, Smart Penguins held the Defense of Snow Angel and a practice battle with Templars which maxed 16 and 10, respectively. Their final event was another defense that had 19 troops logged on. 

10. Fire Warriors: Reclaiming their spot among the Top Ten, the Fire Warriors held a thrilling week consisting of 4 events. Their first event, an impromptu practice battle against the Skateboarders, had 12 warriors online. Then, an EU training held to prepare for the Challengers Cup 2 saw FW max another 12 troops. FW’s battle for Oyster against the Golden Penguins garnered 13 members in attendance and emerged victoriously. To end their week, they hosted a wedding event maxing 18 and also celebrated the retirement of their now former leader Cassie. 

Now that Legends Cup is over, what is the next step for armies? Will they continue to dominate with big sizes and keep the troops entertained? Or will retirements and the return to school cause a decline on the Top 10 board? Every week is a mystery! Stay tuned for next week’s edition.

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