CPAN Map Updates: August 8th – August 14th

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – Seven weeks after the CPAN World Map was introduced, the army community’s fiery desire to broaden their reaches still hasn’t died down. We saw some color changes on our map as a direct result of several invasions that transpired this week. Let’s see what our map currently looks like!

It was a lively week for the army community. Activity never seemed to halt, despite it being seven weeks after the map was first released to the public. We witnessed some progress in the Fire Warriors vs Golden Penguin Army war, until they eventually formed a force treaty that ended with a Fire Warriors victory. Alongside this, we also saw the short war between the Elite Federals and the Skateboarders conclude with yet another treaty where the Skateboarders were hailed as victors.

On a more festive note, we saw Secret Service welcome back an old leader as JoelFreak announced their return while the People’s Imperial Confederation ascended LEGOMAN into leadership. As two armies gained new leaders, three other armies faced losses in their leadership roles. The Special Weapons and Tactics had to say goodbye to Mare as she announced her retirement from her position, and Cassie also made the decision to step down from her leadership in Fire Warriors. The Ice Warriors weren’t saved from this flurry of retirements, however, since Erick09 also departed from his leader position.

As the excitement over Legends Cup XI continued throughout the weeks, the community finally witnessed the finals occur. CPAN staff discussed their predictions a few hours before the long-awaited battle. When the finals was over and the results were released, the LCXI has officially come to a conclusion. Read up here for a detailed review of the finals round!

Here’s a summary of all the territory invasions that occurred this week in case you missed it!

Invasions August 8th – August 14th

  • Fire Warriors: Oyster (won from GPA)
  • Golden Troops: Arctic Zero (won from SP)
  • Smart Penguins (all servers won from GT): Slushy | Snowy Angel
  • People’s Imperial Confederation (all servers won from PMA): Bobsled | Permafrost | Jack Frost | Foggy Rock (unsuccessful)

The present state of the CPAN map after this week’s invasions


With the addition of the ‘!lb‘ command to CPAN’s map bot, we were able to see which armies currently hold the most territories. Read on to see who are at the Top 3!

First PlaceIce Warriors with 25 territories.

Second PlaceSilver Empire | Special Weapons And Tactics with 19 territories each.

Third PlaceFire Warriors with 18 territories

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A little more than a month after the map’s release, we still see plenty of invasions from armies every week. It seems like the map would undergo constant changes as time pass by to cater to the community’s thirst for more domain.

But what do YOU think? Will we see more invasions and wars next week? Will more army leaders come and go? Let us know YOUR thoughts on our Discord server’s general chat!


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