Elite Federals & Skateboarders Sign Treaty

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters  – In a shocking turn of events, the Skateboarders and Elite Federals sign a treaty to end the conflict. What led to the treaty and what were the conditions?

On August 3rd, the Skateboarders declared war on the Elite Federals. In the post “DOWN WITH THE FEDS,” Skateboarders leader Ot_ter explained that the Federals start conflicts, and don’t end them. Until a treaty was signed, the Skateboarders would intend to raid every event. Labeled as cowards, the Elite Federals never responded to these accusations.

Skateboarders War Terms

Since the war declaration, the Elite Federals have only held one event. This one event turned out to be the only skirmish between the two armies. Within the 30 minute battle, both armies fought hard, but in the end, the Skateboarders proved to have been the true victors.

Skateboarders vs Elite Federals

On August 8th, the war’s conclusion was announced, as a treaty between the Skateboarders and Elite Federals was reached. This forced the Elite Federals to admit defeat in the war against the Skateboarders. The full details of the treaty can be found below.

Treaty between Skateboarders and Elite Federals, click to enlarge

The CP Army Network reached out to both parties regarding the war’s end and treaty. Ot_ter, one of the current Skateboarder leaders, gave the following statement:

While the war was short, we managed to reach our goals. I’m sure that this victory will pave the way for our future plans. I would’ve gladly dragged it on longer, but Skateboarders have never been the kind of army to bully those smaller than ourselves. Their admission to defeat is enough for us

Elite Federals leader Midnight6403 has not given the Army Network a statement at this time.

With the war coming to an abrupt end, no one could’ve anticipated the conflict conclusion this early. While the Skateboarders have reached their goals, the future for the Elite Federals is still questionable. Did the war end too early?

What do YOU think? Did you think the war would end this early? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the CPAN Discord!


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