Fire Warriors Declares War on Golden Penguins Army

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – On August 6th, Fire Warriors declared war on the Golden Penguin Army. What led up to the declaration of war and what will be the outcome?

Yesterday evening, the Fire Warriors announced the invasion of the Golden Penguins’ capital, Oyster, after declaring war on them. In the post “[URGENT] Declaration of War Against the Golden Penguin Army” (slight viewer discretion is advised), the Warriors announced what led up to this war.

The Fire Warriors stated that the Golden Penguins had disrespected their army in public and private chats. The focus of these allegations is on the leader of the Golden Penguins, Ronaldo. Sweater, one of the main leaders in the Fire Warriors, stated that Ronaldo constantly insulted the Fire Warriors and their leadership, even though he has tried his best to help them.

The Fire Warriors’ war terms.

In response to the shocking declaration, the Golden Penguin Army leader, Bluebeak123, stepped down from the army, stating that he is not the original leader nor creator of the army. The CP Army Network does not have proof of whether or not these claims are true. The army was rebranded to the Night Guardians but has not responded to the allegations set forth by the Fire Warriors.

Ronaldo announcing the rebranding to the Night Guardians.

The CP Army Network approached both parties for their statements on the war declaration. Sweater, one of the current leaders of the Fire Warriors gave the following statement:

We declared war on them because both of their leaders have continuously insulted our own. Bluebeak approached me a day prior to the declaration and was very aggressive, insulting me over and over. I felt this war was necessary because you shouldn’t be insulting entire armies if you cannot back it up. We plan to win this war by simply being better than them, as their only staff are Ronaldo’s boy band of army hoppers.

To learn more about this shocking declaration, the army network reached out to Ronaldo, one of the leaders of the Golden Penguin Army who gave the following response:

I think its stupid how a 2000 member server teams up on a new 30 member revived army

The tensions between these two armies escalated dramatically into a full-scale war. The Fire Warriors and the Golden Penguin Army are ready to battle each other, the invasion of Oyster commences at 3 PM EST on Sunday, August 8th. Make sure to look for new updates regarding this war from the CP Army Network!

What do YOU think? Who will win the battle of Oyster? Let us know in the Club Penguin Army Network Discord server!


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