CPAN LCXI Predictions: Semifinals

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – As the semifinals of this years’ Legends Cup draw closer, we ask our staff who they predict will win this round.


The Quarter Finals recently came to an end with four incredible victories. Now, we’re down to two of the final three battles left. There’s no doubt that these incredible armies will fight their hardest to make it to the finals. However, only two will be allowed to advance. Who will it be? Who are the CP Army Network staff placing bets on?

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Templars

Templars and the Rebel Penguin Federation are two of the biggest major armies in the community. RPF have won the Legends Cup 5 times, proving themselves to be one of the most dominant forces in CP Army history. With all this in mind, it seems like the army is unbeatable. Could the Templars have any surprises in store for us? Their maxes have skyrocketed within the past month, and they’ve been inching their way up the Top Ten. Could this be enough to rival the Rebels? The staff, though, seem to favour a Rebel Penguin Federation victory.

The Rebels dominating the Fire Warriors in the previous round


F6sixer, Interim Administrator: RPF

Iceyfeet1234, Interim Administrator: RPF

Cassie, Editor: RPF

Kally, Editor: RPF

Sweater, Editor: RPF

Ice Warriors vs. Help Force

This second battle will be one of the closest ones of the tournament. The Help Force recently sent a shock through the community by advancing to the number one spot in last week’s Top Ten. They won all three rooms in their battle against the Water Vikings, reaching a shocking max of 74. There’s no doubt that they’re a force to be reckoned with. The Ice Warriors aren’t far behind. They peaked at 48 troops in the last round against Secret Service, showing off their fierce and creative battle side that they’ve been known for. The army has won three Legends Cup battles in the past, so there’s no doubt that tournaments push them to be their best. The majority of staff predict the Ice Warriors will take the win. Could the Help Force shock us during this heated battle?

Help Force beating the Water Vikings in the previous round.


F6sixer, Interim Administrator: IW

Iceyfeet1234, Interim Administrator: IW

Cassie, Editor: HF

Kally, Editor: IW

Sweater, Editor: HF

In less than two days, these battles will conclude, and we’ll see for ourselves who the victors will be. This tournament has been full of excitement so far, and more is yet to come. What surprises could these armies have up their sleevies

What do YOU think? Do YOU have any predictions? Make sure to voice YOUR opinions in the Club Penguin Army Network Discord!


CP Army Network Reporter Trainee

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