Handing in His Badge: Firestar08 Retires from SWAT Leadership

MAMMOTH, Special Weapons and Tactics Capital – After eleven months of service leading Special Weapons and Tactics, Firestar08 has announced his withdrawal from the army. What does this mean for SWAT and the community?

Ever since its creation in 2009 by Ganger90, the Special Weapons and Tactics has consistently managed to make an impact in the army community. Consequently, there have been many modifications to its leadership over the years. Amidst a period of tensions in the community last year, the army’s administration opened its doors to Firestar08.

Albeit an unofficial leader at first, Firestar08 succesfully led the army to an eventual victory in their war against the Water Vikings, officially known as The Eagre Foray. As commendation for his efforts, Firestar08 officially received the title of leader shortly afterwards.

As a representative of leadership in the Special Weapons and Tactics community, Firestar08 went on to single-handedly lead the Green Division against the opposing Purple Division during friendly battles within the army. Furthermore, his involvement in numerous wars and other major events throughout his jorney as leader make him an influential figure in the army’s history.

On August 2nd, Firestar08 publicly confirmed his departure from the leadership team, along with a final event dedicated to him. This event was hosted on August 5th at 9pm GMT, and was quickly followed by both a retirement speech and a post. He makes positive remarks about his time in Special Weapons and Tactics, and what it has meant to him, as well as thanking everyone who has stood alongside him.

Firestar announcing his retirement and thanking SWAT for his time there

Firestar’s retirement event with sizes of 30+

Club Penguin Army Network approached Firestar08, hoping to find out more about his decision, in addition to what is yet to come in the future.

How do you think the army will fare without you as a leader?

SWAT will do just fine without me. My fellow co-leaders are terrific at their job, and I haven’t been active this entire summer, so seeing that we’re still living is a sweet sight.

What are your future plans regarding the army community?

As of now, nothing, because next week I’m off to college. When I come home around November for winter break, I would like to advise SWAT momentarily. As for leading again, that is really unlikely.

Are you satisfied with what you’ve accomplished during your time as leader?

I’m really pleased with what I accomplished and did in SWAT. We successfully made a verification system to make the server a lot safer, redid the entire HCOM and staff requirements, etc. In all honesty, I’m glad I could lead such a golden generation.

Thank you so much for your time! Is there anything else you would like to add?

To all of SWAT: enjoy your time there. It’s the best possible army you could be in. To my co-leaders, keep working hard. You guys will do just fine without me. SWAT FOREVER.

Best wishes to Firestar08 on what’s to come! We are looking forward to seeing what awaits Special Weapons and Tactics, in spite of this setback. Club Penguin Army Network will keep you posted on any note-worthy developments!

What are YOUR thoughts? What’s next for Special Weapons and Tactics? Will they be able to recover from this loss? Be sure to voice YOUR thoughts in the CPAN Discord server!


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