Skateboarders Declare War on Elite Federals

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – In a surprising turn of events, the Skateboarders have issued a declaration of war on the Elite Federals. What was the reasoning behind this sudden war declaration?

The Skateboarders were created by LEGOMAN and Ivy on October 20th, 2020. The Skateboarders originated from the infamous Skaters. The army continued to flourish in the Small/Medium category until they re-branded to the Fire Warriors on November 29th, 2020. The Skateboarders were recently revived under the command of TastyPantaloon on July 26th, 2021.

The Elite Federals were founded in 2014 under the leadership of Flynn12298 and Earthing. The army maxed around 13 penguins during this time before they shut down. However, the army established its influence in 2015, where they participated in multiple wars. However, the army shut down in November of 2016 and remained dead until they were recently revived under the leadership of Midnight6403.

On August 3rd, the Skateboarders published a post titled “DOWN WITH THE FEDS,” officially declaring war on the Elite Federals. The Skateboarders claim that the Elite Federals have been causing conflicts with other major armies, yet do not fight against these armies. Even though the Federals do not have any land invaded currently, the Skateboarders intend on raiding every event until the opposing army calls for a treaty. The Skateboarders concluded their post stating their war terms for this exhilarating war.

The Skateboarders declaring their war terms to the Elite Federals.

Following the Skateboarders war declaration, the Elite Federals have had their AUSIA event raided. They have not responded to the Skateboarders allegations publicly. Currently, neither army has land, as the Skateboarders have transferred their capital, Skates, to the Sea Serpents earlier this week.

The CP Army Network team approached both parties for statements regarding the war declaration. The army network reached out to Ivy, one of the current leaders of the Skateboarders, who gave the following statement:

EF will lose, this war won’t stop until they do

With quite the war-hungry attitude, the Army Network team reached out to Flynn12298 and Midnight6403 for a response but have not issued an official statement yet. However, the two have told us that the army is preparing a response post to the war declaration. As of the publishing of this post, it still is not released to the public.

We can see that the two armies are ready to fight, while the rest of the army community anticipates these exciting battles. The CP Army Network plans on covering the entirety of the war, starting with the first invasion starting at 6 am EST on Thursday, August 5th. Will the Skateboarders be successful with their invasion? 

What do YOU think? What will be the outcome of the war?  Let us know in the Club Penguin Army Network Discord server!


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