Golden Intelligence War: Days 3 & 4 Developments

SNOW STORM, Club Penguin Army Network Capital – A couple days into the Golden Intelligence war has noticed exchanges of invasions and defences with one another. What were the results of the battles that took place?

For those who don’t know, on July 30th the Smart Penguins & People’s Imperial Confederation declared war on the Golden Troops & Post Malone Army respectively. Day four of the war just concluded, and if you’d like more information on the subject you can view the previous Club Penguin Army Network posts on the matter below:

After four days of constant battling, Club Penguin Army Network brings you an in-depth look at the last couple of battles.

At 5:00 PM EST on August 2nd, People’s Imperial Confederation and Post Malone Army fought for the control of the server “Walrus”, initially belonging to the PMA. It was a tough and close battle, both armies had similar speed, a size of around 9 troops, and excellent formations. The judges stated that both armies fought well but were leaning for the Confederation in room one, with the other rooms resulting in a tie. This resulted in a 1-0-2 victory for PIC and are up to a 3-1 overall in the war.

PIC & PMA battling for Walrus at the Stadium.

Judges citing the main reason for the PIC victory was size and efficiency.

War Score: SP & PIC 3 – 1 GT & PMA

At 10:00 PM UK on August 3rd, the People’s Imperial Confederation and Post Malone Army fought for “Deep Snow”, which was originally belonged to the PMA. In this battle, the Confederation overwhelmed the Post Malone Army; beating their sizes by a factor of 5. Due to this, the battle ended after only two rooms with a PIC victory.

PIC and PMA battling for Deep Snow at the Ice Berg, with PIC having way more in attendance.

The Judges citing the main reason for the PIC victory, after only two rooms, as an overwhelming size advantage: a factor of five.

War Score: SP & PIC 4 – 1 GT & PMA

On the same day and time, another battle was held between Smart Penguins and Golden Troops over the land “Evergreen” originally belonging to GT. In this battle, SP starts off on great momentum and speed, making them able to withstand GT and their good size advantage and coverage were able to give them the first room. In the second and third rooms, both armies showed similar performance in speed and cleanliness, and equal dominance, which the judges put as a tie for the rest of the rooms as a result. Smart Penguins winning the first room made them able to score a victory.

GT & SP battling for Evergreen in the Pet Shop

The judges, in a lengthy summary, describing the closeness of the battle but ultimately giving Smart Penguins the win due to their performance in room one

War Score: SP & PIC 5 – 1 GT & PMA

Six battles deep, it’s pretty clear who’s winning this thing so far. The SP & PIC with five combined points dominating the GT & PMA’s one. As always, Club Penguin Army Network will keep you posted with any and all things related to the Golden Intelligence War.

What do YOU think about this 4-army war? Who do YOU think will take home the victory, SP & PIC, or GT  PMA? Make sure to voice your opinion on the Club Penguin Army Network Discord server!


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