Legends Cup XI Semifinals Times and Information

The quarterfinals of the Legends Cup XI concluded last Sunday and saw the Top seeded armies advance to the semis. The armies to make it to the semifinals are Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors, Help Force and Templars of Club Penguin. The schedule for the Legends Cup XI Semifinals is provided below,

Legends Cup XI Semifinals Schedule

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Saturday, 7th August 2021 – Day One

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Templars of Club Penguin

Time: 2PM EST, 1PM CST, 12PM MST, 11AM PST, 7PM UK, 6PM GMT 

Sunday, 8th August 2021 – Day Two

Ice Warriors vs Help Force

Time: 2PM EST, 1PM CST, 12PM MST, 11AM PST, 7PM UK, 6PM GMT 

After two rounds of high intensity battles, only the four top seeded remain, with each army moving one step closer to claiming the LCXI title in 2021. As we head in to the semis, we can expect to seem some intense battles since the remaining competitors are more or less evenly matched. On behalf of the Club Penguin Army Network, I wish RPF, IW, HF and TCP the best of luck for their semifinal battles. May the best armies win!

Who all do you think will win the LCXI semifinals? Let us know in our Discord server!


CPAN Interim Administrator

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