Legends Cup XI: Round Two Review

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – As the second round of Legends Cup XI concludes, we’re all left asking the question: Which armies are advancing to the next round?


The excitement for Legends Cup XI hasn’t died down since its’ announcement. Carrying on with round two, 8 armies were left to battle it out for the trophy. All the competing armies brought their A-game for a chance to move on to the semi-finals, and we’re about to find out who was able to get one step closer to victory. If you missed the round one review, make sure to check out this post!

Help Force vs Water Vikings

The first battle on the 31st was between the Help Force and the Water Vikings. Both armies made an impressive show, with the Force having a size advantage over the Vikings in all three rooms yet the latter managed to not get their tactics completely covered. The Water Vikings started off strong in the first room with big tactics, but their performance noticeably declined in the next two rooms. Due to this, Help Force’s said size advantage along with their faster, well-coordinated tactics granted them a clean 3-room win.

Ice Warriors vs Secret Service

The Ice Warriors and the Secret Service went head-to-head on the second and last battle on day one, July 31st. As a result of the Warrior’s massive size advantage, big tactics, and pristine forms, they were able to cover the Secret Service throughout the entirety of the battle. Despite connection issues, the battle eventually ended with the Ice Warriors claiming the victory, letting them advance to the semi-finals.

Templars vs People’s Imperial Confederation

Similar to the previous battles, the Templars held an edge in terms of size over the People’s Imperial Confederation. They remained consistent with their size and quick tactics, even showing off their straight formations. The Templars effectively swept over the People’s Imperial Confederation within all three rooms which earned them a spot in the third round.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Fire Warriors

Legends Cup XI round two’s final battle was between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Fire Warriors. The battle started off following the same path as the previous battles with the Rebels having an upper hand in size. They managed to cover the Fire Warriors during a majority of the first room, but the Warriors fought back with big tactics. An unexpected turn of events occurred when the second room was announced and the Rebels rushed to occupy the room, but the Fire Warriors were nowhere to be seen. This sudden withdrawal mid-battle helped the Rebel Penguin Federation advance to the semi-finals.

Congratulations to all the armies advancing to the semi-finals, and best of luck next year to those who didn’t make the cut! These past two days were intense, with everyone giving the battles their all. The semi-finals will transpire soon, and we’re looking forward to seeing who will proceed to the finals! As usual, Club Penguin Army Network will keep you up to date.

What are YOUR thoughts? Which among the semi-finals qualifiers will make it to the finals? Who will rise above the rest and claim the ultimate victory? Let us know what YOU think in our Discord server’s general chat!


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