CPAN Map Updates: July 25th – July 31st

Snow Storm, CP Army Network Headquarters – Fewer invasions were seen this week, as most of the unclaimed land has already been invaded in the past month. As new armies joined us, we were also sad to see others leave. However, one thing remains unchanged – armies’ constant desire to expand their territories. Let’s see how the map has changed since our last update!

Days after last week’s map updates, the Underground Mafias Army announced their closure and made their exit from the CP Army Network League. Meanwhile, this week saw three armies joining us: the Elite Federals, the Skateboarders, and the People’s Imperial Confederation. Among the new additions to our league, only the People’s Imperial Confederation have claimed a capital (Beanie), after receiving five pieces of land in total from the Smart Penguins.

What started off as a peaceful week soon changed, as not one, but two wars were declared. People’s Imperial Confederation declared war on the Post Malone Army, primarily due to past messages in their old alliance group chat. Being brother allies with the People’s Imperial Confederation, the Smart Penguins declared their war on the Golden Troops. Read here for more details on what led to the wars as well as the various leaders’ statements.

In case you missed it, here is a summary of all the latest server changes that have taken place since our previous update.

Invasions July 25th – July 31st

  • Fire Warriors: Brumby
  • Golden Troops: Snow Drift | Migrator | Freezer (Transfer from SWAT) | Snow Cone (Transfer from SWAT)
  • Ice Warriors: Caribou | Mountain
  • People’s Imperial Confederation (all servers transferred from SP): Beanie (Capital) | Pine Needles | Boots | Frigid Waters | Marshmallow
  • Post Malone Army: Misty | Permafrost | Glacier
  • Sea Serpents: Shiver | Rocky Line
  • Silver Empire: Canoe (unsuccessful)
  • Smart Penguins (all servers won from GT): Arctic Zero | North Beret
  • Water Vikings: Fleece Cap | Glacial

The current state of the map, click to enlarge

Since the map’s introduction five weeks ago, we have witnessed armies striving to claim more land through invasions, wars, and treaties. The recent wars declared in the past week have only just begun. How long do you think the wars will last?

With less than five unclaimed lands on the map, will we finally see the map being filled in the coming week? How far do you think the wars will escalate to and when do you think they will end? Let us know YOUR opinion in the CPAN Discord!


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