The Tidal Wave Grows Stronger: Buddy Rejoins Water Viking Leadership

ICE BERG, Water Vikings Empire – With round two of the Legends Cup XI tournament coming up, the Water Vikings welcomed former leader Buddy back into their ranks. What will this mean for the army?

The Water Vikings‘ were created in December of 2010. Led by Jed Pen and Zakster, it was the result of a merge by the Masked Vikings and the Water Troops. There have been many notable generations, led by some of the greatest leaders CPA has ever known. They’re known for their resilience and willingness to tackle any challenges they may face. There’s no doubt that the Water Vikings are one of the greatest Club Penguin armies.

Vikings in a recent event with ACP

Buddy joined armies in 2012 to lead the Night Divers, moving to the Air Force shortly thereafter in 2014. He began his journey with the Water Vikings in August 2014 when he merged Air Force into them. While he started as a 2ic, his work not only raised the army but raised him to leadership as well. Under him, the army became a top 5 CPAC army, facing off against the Doritos and SWAT in multiple conflicts.

In 2015, he led the Pretzels and the Marines, seeing incredible success in both. During November, he led the Water Vikings again to fight against the New Dawn Alliance. Buddy continued to lead in the following years, leaving briefly for the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Pretzels. He’s undoubtedly one of Water Vikings’ best leaders and legends, and his work is present even in the current generation of the army.

Buddy announcing his return, click to enlarge

CP Army Network reached out to Buddy to get more details on the recent change.

What caused the sudden return to leadership?

Well, I’ve been very happy with how the army has been doing lately, and I also couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to lead again with Revan and Aaron. We have a long history that dates back to 2015 and I wanted to reignite our bond as a leadership trio :sunglasses:

Do you have any plans moving forward?

Nothing at the moment just gonna have some fun in WV during the summer :relaxed:

How do you feel about the coming Legends Cup XI battle?

It’ll definitely be difficult to beat HF today but I believe we can do it! We’ve made it to the finals of the LC twice in our history but never won, this is our year!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Fear the wave!

Buddy is clearly dedicated and ready to lead the Water Vikings once again! On numerous occasions, he’s proved that he’s a phenomenal leader, so there’s no doubt that he’ll lead the army to new heights.


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