CPAN Legends Cup XI Predictions: Round 2

Snow Storm, CP Army Network Headquarters – With the second round of the Legends Cup XI tournament coming up shortly, we asked our staff who they predict will take home the wins!

Round one of the tournament recently concluded with 8 armies moving on to the Quarter Finals. Four intense battles will take place (click here for the times), each army battling for a spot in the semi-finals. Who will emerge victorious? Who are the CP Army Network staff placing bets on?

Round 2 Bracket

Help Force vs. Water Vikings

Kicking off the first battle of round 2, we have the Help Force and the Water Vikings. While the Help Force has held the number 3 spot in the weekly Top Tens for the whole month of July, the Water Vikings have fluctuated between the 6th and 8th places. Despite this, the Water Vikings have proven themselves to be quite impressive on the battlefield. This makes them a worthy opponent for the Helpers. As a result, the predictions are split between the two armies.

Water Vikings in a recent event with ACP


F6sixer, interim Administrator: Help Force

Cassie, Editor: Water Vikings

Kally, Editor: Help Force

Sweater, Editor: Water Vikings

Ice Warriors vs. Secret Service

The Ice Warriors have remained high in the Top Ten, just recently being one point away from the top spot. In addition, they’ve maxed well over 40 in all of their most recent events. In contrast, Secret Service has remained in the lower spots of the top ten. They caused quite an upset in their last battle, sweeping the Special Weapons and Tactics army. Although all of the staff predicts an Ice Warriors win, you never know what the Secret Service could pull.

Ice Warriors in a recent event


F6sixer, interim Administrator: Ice Warriors

Cassie, Editor: Ice Warriors

Kally, Editor: Ice Warriors

Sweater, Editor: Ice Warriors

Templars vs. Peoples’ Imperial Confederation

Templars are no strangers to battles. They just recently ended their war with the Special Weapons and Tactics army, which gave them a significant size boost. Not only that, but they’ve come closer than any other army to joining the ‘Big Three’ armies in the Top Ten. On the other hand, the Peoples’ Imperial Confederation reached a peak of 18 penguins online in last week’s Top Ten, scoring themselves the 10th spot. Despite being quite powerful in the S/M community, they might have their hands full for this battle.

Templars in a recent event


F6sixer, interim Administrator: Templars

Cassie, Editor: Templars

Kally, Editor: Templars

Sweater, Editor: Templars

Fire Warriors vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

The Rebel Penguin Federation is a dominant force in the community. Consistently scoring 1st on the Top Ten, maxing well over 40, it seems as though nobody could go against them. Although Fire Warriors have had incredible success recently, will it be enough to defeat the Rebels? They’ve been climbing the Top Ten, holding their 9th spot, and coming close to beating major army Special Weapons and Tactics to 8th. All of our staff except one predict a Rebel Penguin Federation Victory.

Rebel Penguin Federation in a recent event


F6sixer, interim Administrator: Rebel Penguin Federation

Cassie, Editor: Rebel Penguin Federation

Kally, Editor: Rebel Penguin Federation

Sweater, Editor: Fire Warriors

These battles will all be taking place in a few hours, and there’s no doubt we’ll see some excitement on the battlefield. We’re all anxious to see who the victors will be, especially considering the surprises the last round brought us. What are your predictions? Which staff members could be correct?

What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the CPAN discord!


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