Allies vs. Proxies: Day One Developments

SNOW STORM, Club Penguin Army Network Capital – The first day of the Proxies vs. Allies war has come to a close, with the two battles going the exact same way. What can we expect from the rest of the war? 

Backstory: On the 30th of July, both Smart Penguins and People’s Imperial Confederation declared war on the Golden Troops and Post Malone Army respectively. This war, which can be dubbed as the Allies vs. Proxies, has been the result of a failed alliance between the People’s Imperial Confederation and Golden Troops. As such, many are taking this war very personally, which has given the community an incredible first two battles.

When CP Army Network initially covered the war declarations – which can be found here – the Golden Troops had yet to make an official statement on the war, but did provide us with one. Since then, Neha has released a reply post to the Confederation on the Golden Troops website. The post can be viewed here, and is essentially Golden Troops pointing out to the community their side of why the alliance failed. Things such as PIC banning the Troops’ High Command member, the Confederation’s “inability to accept defeat,” and so much more were talked about in their post. As of now, People’s Imperial Confederation has made no reply to the accusations and it is unknown if one is even in the works.

At 2:30 PM BST on July 31st, the Smart Penguins and the Golden Troops marched on to the battlefield for control of the server “Arctic Zero,” which initially belonged to GT. The Golden Troops peaked, in battle, at around 8 members with the Smart Penguins reaching around 15. The Judges cited that with this size advantage, and a little bit extra speed from the Smart Penguins, the battle could only be described as a 3-0 sweep. As such, the Golden Troops have lost control of that server and are now down 0-1 overall in the war.

Smart Penguins invading Arctic Zero from Golden Troops with a considerable size advantage.

Judge Omsk declaring an SP 3-0 victory for the Smart Penguins, rendering them the owners of Arctic Zero.

War Score: Allies 1 – 0 Proxies

On the same day, at 7:00 PM BST, the same two armies logged on for another battle, though this time it was for control of the former GT land “North Beret.” This time, the armies were closer in size, although according to the judges Smart Penguins were still able to squeeze out a few more troops. The Golden Troops in some rooms were almost able to catch up in speed because, rather interestingly, the Smart Penguins were warned multiple times for certain tactics. However, the speed was not enough and with the extra man-count and cleaner formations, the Smart Penguins were able to take home the victory in the second battle and took home North Beret.

Smart Penguins invading “North Beret” from Golden Troops with, once again, a considerable size advantage.

Judge Komodo declaring another 3-0 victory for the Smart Penguins, this time earning themselves’ North Beret.

War Score: Allies 2 – 0 Proxies

As we can see, the Smart Penguins are certainly having a golden start to this war, already racking up two servers from the Golden Troops. As for Post Malone Army and People’s Imperial Confederation, we’ll just have to wait and see – as their invasions don’t begin until next week. However, Smart Penguins have scheduled an invasion for tomorrow, so Club Penguin Army Network will keep you informed with what’s going on.

What do YOU think about this 4-army war? Who do YOU think will take home the victory, the Allies or Proxies? Make sure to voice your opinion in the Club Penguin Army Network Discord server!


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