Underground Mafias Announce Closure

MITTENS, Former Underground Mafias Army’s Capital – Only nine days after announcing their return to the army community and forfeit of the Legend Cup, the Underground Mafias’ have announced their closure once again.

Club Penguin Army Legend Pink Mafias founded the Underground Mafias Army on January 8th, 2007, and would become fairly large, fairly quick. Following their first few events, the army became infamous throughout the community for allegedly hacking and exploiting the game. Despite this, the army would stay consistent, and would enter a golden age under the leadership of Shadow2446. Following the golden age, the army started to fade, and some would say be revived too many times.

UMA on original Club Penguin hitting incredible sizes, even by today’s standards.

On July 16th, Dino announced the revival and return of the Underground Mafias for the Legends Cup tournament. This brief revival would be led by Zamb, Bam, and Dino. Following the Legends Cup, the army was to shut back down, and that is exactly what they did.

On July 25th, the Mafias would announce what they call their final closure. Just hours prior to this announcement, the Mafias had released a post announcing their withdrawal from the Legends Cup. This was a mystery to the community as they had come back purely to compete in the tournament. Due to this, though, the Help Force immediately advanced to the next round.

Dino announcing UMA’s final closure, including the gaming division.

Dino cited the main reason for the closure as inactivity, and has now kicked everybody from the server. The CP Army Network attempted to reach out to Underground Mafias Army leaders Bam and Zamb, yet were unable to contact them. As such, there can be no interview unless one of them wants to reach out to us.

With their closing announcement, it was also announced that their prior gaming server will also be shutting down due to the lack of activity. It’s a shame that the Underground Mafias were unable to participate in the Legends Cup this year. Will the Mafias ever make a return?

What do YOU think? Will the Underground Mafias ever be revived once more? Will they make another Legends Cup appearance? Tell us YOUR thoughts in the CPAN Discord!


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