Skateboarders Back on the Streets

MITTENS, Former Skateboarders Capital –  After eight months of inactivity, the Skateboarders have recently made their return. What exactly caused this revival and what can we expect from them in the near future?

The Skateboarders were established on October 20th, 2020, by Ivy and LEGOMAN. Originally, the army would become the revival of Skaters (a major army maxing around 40 in early 2020). Though, they rebranded to Skateboarders because they didn’t get permission from veterans and legends from the old army. Skateboarders’ most notable peak was when they hit a max of 18 members under the leadership of Ivy, Lydia, Sweater, and Izuno. Unfortunately, this same event also sparked a huge community-wide discussion on which tactics are considered “too far,” and outright offensive.

Skateboarders reaching a peak of 18 in their battle against Island Invaders

At the end of 2020, the Skateboarders had to plan their future carefully. The only Private Server left was Club Penguin Rewritten due to Adobe Flash being discontinued. With the move, they would also change the army’s name to the Fire Warriors, marking the end of the army. While in the process of rebranding, two of the three leaders stepped down, these being Izuno and Sweater. Afterwards, Ram Em joined the Warriors’ leadership alongside Ivy.

On the 26th July, 2021, they managed to make their first revival event with a maximum size of 6 troops. The new generation is under the leadership of TastyPantaloon, and there is no official announcement from the army at the moment.

Skateboarders reaching 6+ in their revival event

To find out more about their future aspirations, we reached out to Tasty for an interview.

Why did you revive the Skateboarders?

Tbh we were just in a gc and Ivy randomly brought up the topic. Then legoman agreed and cause i was in the gc they made me leader. And now we are back. Also Legoman has a strong succulent muscular jawline.

Can you share your future plans with us?


What do you hope to achieve with Skateboarders under your leadership?

Probably [to] do better than the first gen. Their highest max was 18 so we will work on trying to beat that for now.

Anything else you would like to add?

Mac n cheese is tasty/Legoman has a strong succulent muscular jawline

Congratulations on your revival Skateboarders! With quite a few armies closing and opening at the moment, hopefully we can expect some good things from the Skateboarders. As always, Club Penguin Army Network will keep you posted surrounding any and all things Club Penguin Armies.

What do YOU think? Could the Skateboarders end once again? Or will they be able to surprise the army community with even bigger maxes? Let us know in our Discord server’s general chat!


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