The Newest Commando; Grace Promoted to SWAT Leadership

Mammoth, SWAT Capital – Following their rigorous war against the Templars, the Special Weapons and Tactics have decided to induct a new leader! After being an LiT in SWAT for quite a while now & putting much work into her army, Grace has been promoted to SWAT Leadership!

Grace began her journey into armies in May 2020, after being recruited off of CPO to One Direction Army by Mare and Aubz. Later on in July, she dual enlisted in the Special Weapons and Tactics.  She swiftly climbed the ranks in ODA and earned her spot as leader in August of the same year, leading alongside Aubz and Mare. However, she retired from ODA soon after in late August, only to return again in November for a month. During this time she continued to work and rise through the ranks until she reached Leader in Training in SWAT. Finally, after eight months as a LiT, Grace was finally promoted to leadership in SWAT.
SWAT Leader Mare announcing Grace's promotion to Leadership

SWAT Leader Mare announcing Grace’s promotion to Leadership

Special Weapons and Tactics was created back in 2009 by army legend Ganger90. Over the years, SWAT has managed to display its dominance many times, climbing up and down the Top Tens. Nowadays, the army places around 6th to 8th in the weekly Top Ten, with sizes around 20+. In addition, SWAT recently emerged victorious in a war against Templars, due to their expulsion.

The CP Army Network reached out to Grace for an interview to find out what she has to say about her promotion and her plans for SWAT.

Interview Section

How did you react to the promotion? Did you know they would promote you when they did?
Being promoted to Leader was a surprise to me, but I was happy and excited to be the next SWAT Leader. I did not expect to be promoted today at all. I am very thankful to Ganger90 and the rest of the SWAT leadership for allowing me to lead such a great army alongside them.
How did you handle the recent war with the Templars?
I personally avoided all of the TCP turmoil. I believe that staying away from unnecessary drama is sometimes the best option. I just sit back and observe
Now that your are a leader of SWAT, what are your plans in the army, how long are you planning to stay for?
My goals for SWAT are to continue to build our community while having fun and providing a safe environment for everyone. It’s also important to form strong bonds with everyone in SWAT and grow together as a team. I intend to remain SWAT Leader for as long as it is possible for me to fulfil my leadership responsibilities.
Is there anything you would like to add here?
Happy 11 years One Direction besties!!!

As you can see from her interview, Grace is very happy and surprised about her promotion to Leadership! It’s safe to say, that we’ll certainly be seeing more from her as she takes on her duties as SWAT Leader!

What are YOUR thoughts on Grace’s promotion? How do you think SWAT will fare with its new leader? Let us know in our discord server!


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