CPAN Map Updates: July 18th – July 24th

Snow Storm, CP Army Network Headquarters – Numerous pieces of land have exchanged hands since our last weekly update. We can see many armies are still on the hunger strike as we see new ones kicking in and some waving goodbye. Let’s take a peep at the current status of the map.

In comparison with last week, where an exciting war had officially concluded, this week saw armies invading mostly unclaimed land. The Underground Mafias Army was no exception as they claimed Mittens as their capital with their return to the army scene. 

Whilst UMA was the only army to rejoin CP Army Network League the past week, the Spartans transferred their land to Special Weapons and Tactics and have made their exit. The community also witnessed other notable changes such as Special Weapons and Tactics’ color change from black to lime. In addition, a treaty was signed by Medieval Warriors and Golden Troops upon the latter’s invasion of the former’s capital (Ice Cube) as seen below.

As always, here is a summary of all server changes that have taken place since our last update.

Invasions July 18th – July 24th

  • Fire Warriors: Cold Snap | Powder Ball
  • Golden Troops: Yukon (Won from Medieval Warriors) | Ice Cube (Won from Medieval Warriors) | Snow Ball | Arctic Zero | Polar Bear 
  • Help Force: Anorak Pointe | Ice Pack | Ice Cream
  • Ice Warriors: Matterhorn | North Pole | Kozciuoszko
  • Post Malone Army: Sleddy Peninsula | Arctic | Jack Frost | Puddle
  • Rebel Penguin Federation: Ascent | Avalanche | Great White | Alpine
  • Sea Serpents: Sherbert | Altitude | Big Foot
  • Secret Service: Sled | Sardine
  • Sidie’s Rangers: Sparkle
  • Silver Empire: Gale Line | Frozen Isles | Antarctica | Deep Freeze
  • Smart Penguins: Beanie | Marshmellow
  • Special Weapons and Tactics: Freeze | Belly Slide | White Out | Blizzard (Transfer from Spartans) | Snow Globe (Transfer from Spartans) | Breeze (Transfer from Spartans) | Snow Fort (Transfer from Spartans) | Summit (Transfer from Spartans)
  • Underground Mafias: Mittens (Capital)
  • Water Vikings: Grizzly | Big Surf

With four weeks of exciting invasions behind us, we see that armies have given their all to claim more land. Furthermore, the first treaty since the map’s introduction has been signed by Medieval Warriors and Golden Troops. With the intense ongoing invasions, will we be witnessing more forced treaties in the coming weeks?

With limited free land to be claimed, will we be seeing invasions between armies happening soon? Let us know your opinion in the CPAN Discord!


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