Fight the Bad! 》Underground Mafias’ Return to the Army Community

MITTENS, Underground Mafias Capital It’s been about 7 months since we have last seen action from the Underground Mafias, but wait no longer! The Underground Mafias have officially returned to the Army community as of July 16th, when they attempted to invade their old capital, Mittens, for the new generation.

The Underground Mafias was founded on January 8th, 2007 by army legend Pink Mafias. Beginning as a prototype army, known as the “Pink Mafias Army” in December, 2006, it was one of the first armies to enter the Club Penguin community. While being a very dominant and innovative army, they were often perceived as hackers and cheaters. But despite their image, UMA had their fair share of success over the years, highlights being the Red Summer of 2012 and the Great Revival of 2013, where they defeated Doritos and Army of Club Penguin in war. 

UMA Event during Red Summer, 2012

Their most recent revival was the Red Winter, lasting from November to December of 2020, pioneered by GamesCobraZamb, and Dino. They would go on to reach sizes of 15+, proving themselves to be a stable small/medium army. Though shortly after opening, they held their last event, a Christmas Takeover, on December 23rd, closing down soon after.

UMA’s Christmas Takeover 2020

This new generation, announced on the 16th of July, is being led by Bam, Zamb and Dino. In their revival post, which can be found here, Dino stated that the army would be “shut down completely” after Legends Cup. Featuring a strong leadership, all of them are legends within UMA. Bam being the co-creator of Doritos, Zamb a former 2ic in Doritos, as well as being known to have led several armies such as the Dark Bandits, and Dino, who is known for his accomplishments in Doritos and in the Lime Green Army.

CP Army Network reached out to UMA Leader Dino for an interview, to learn more about the circumstances behind their revival and the future of UMA.

Special Interview with Dino

What made you revive UMA? And who is Dino overall?

The idea for an UMA “revival” first came about in May when me and Aaron first planned our Legends Cup reunion. Obviously, since then a lot has happened and unfortunately our original plans couldn’t come to fruition. However, because Bam remembered about our May idea, he hit me and Zamb hit up to help lead UMA through legends cup. In regards to myself, I am a former UMA leader from last year, serving in the red winter as its head pioneer with UMA legend Games. I previously served as a leader for an abundance of armies including DCP, LGA, and most notably the Romans army. UMA has always been a secondary home, so even despite my clear disliking for modern armies and plan to dip, I thought I would make a final stand with Zamb so we can retire in peace and have some fun.

Regarding the revival post, why do you plan to shutdown the army after Legends Cup, instead of leading another long generation of UMA?

The reason why UMA will be shutting down after legends cup is simple: UMA is not made for modern CPA, and Red Winter proved that. Granted, figures like Lydia and Cobra brought their fair share of controversy to the army, but UMA historically has been known for their edgy-esque personality. I also feel all of us at UMA would be able to excel outside of this community. Legends cup is rather an exception, but otherwise, I feel like UMA’s place in the community isn’t needed anymore. The last true UMA/Nachos like army to succeed was EGCP, and their last stance was January 2020. And yes, it’d be nice to lead UMA through many victories, server conquests, you know doing the stuff we couldn’t in Red Winter. But I think in a very pragmatic matter and realistically speaking it’d take such a paramount effort that by the time did win another tournament post-LCXI, we’d be all burnt out and back to square one.

What was the reasoning behind the last shutdown?

That was in late December due to many inappropriate affairs and exposes. I feel like they wouldn’t have done anything in the long-run to be honest — UMA would’ve been fine. But, by the time it was all settling down, it burnt out all of our energy and made us feel like we failed the real legends of UMA. We came to the conclusion to disband UMA for the best, and while it is certainly nice to think that UMA would come unscratched in the end, the perfect leadership chemistry that me, Zamb, Cobra, and Lydia perfected wouldn’t be there.

If someone were to revive UMA after Legends Cup, would you allow it?

I am not an UMA guardian so that isn’t my call (I am only a second-tier legend – Great Mafias), but historically speaking the only chance that another UMA revival could happen is if said revivers have been major contributors to UMA in the past (i.e. UMA prominent veterans or HoFers). I got permission to revive UMA last year with Games due to my work in 2019 UMA and also other UMA vet projects. Anyone who attempts to illegally revive UMA won’t be getting a very positive response from its veteran community. I hope that UMA as an army is over with after this, but I do hope that its community and following stays alive for the years to come anyways. It is nice to be nostalgic, especially for something you only got to experience so shortly.
I’m really thank you for your time! is there anything you would like to add?

Dino: Fight the bad and PRAISE BERT

We wish UMA the best of luck with their revival and in Legends Cup. It seems as though this will be the last we’ll see of UMA as an army, but it seems to be a strong generation to send them off. Stay tuned for Legends Cup battle updates to see how UMA will perform in the upcoming weeks!

What do YOU think? Will this really be the last generation of UMA? Will they take home the Legends Cup trophy? Let us know in the CPAN Discord!

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