The Conquest Ends; Spartans Shut Down

SNOW FORT, Spartans Capital – Just one month after opening their Club Penguin Division, Spartans announced its shutdown. Though what led to this decision? Will they come back?

The Spartans have been a dominant army in the community for the past month, ever since MaximeT9 and Mustapha10 announced the launch of Spartans’ Club Penguin Division, which you can read about here. They’d go on to achieve major army status, consistently hold the 9th spot in the Top Ten, and averaging around 20-40 troops.

A Recent Spartans Event

Though lately a decline of activity was noticed from the Spartans, as they had stopped holding events. With the arrival of Legends Cup, Spartans were expected to go up against the Fire Warriors, but on July 23rd, just one day before the start of Legends Cup, MaximeT9 announced the discontinuation of their Club Penguin Division.

MaximeT9 announcing the discontinuation of Spartans’ Club Penguin Division

According to the announcement, the Spartans’ administration suffered from a lack of time needed for the Club Penguin Division. Despite their closure as an army, they still have big plans ahead, as they revert back to what they were before, a gaming server.

The CPAN Staff decided to reach out to Spartans’ admin MaximeT9 for more details on their closure as well as their plans for the future.

Interview Section

What was the exact reason the Spartans shut down?

Although armies are extremely fun, they require you to put in a lot of work daily in order to keep being competitive. Musta and I, as well as other administrators and leaders realized that we don’t or won’t have enough time to devote to armies due to being busy with work, or university/college. Therefore, after thinking it through, we decided that it would be better to shut down Spartans now instead of waiting for them to slowly die.

What was your favourite memory in the last generation?

Personally, apart from the first event which was intense considering all the time that had passed since I was in the community last time, I wouldn’t say there was a specific moment. I got the most joy out of the whole process of helping to create the CP Army Division.

Do you think the Spartans will make a return?

All things considered, I doubt it, however you never truly know if you’ll make a comeback in CP Armies. This community is that one addiction/guilty pleasure that you can never get over.

Anything you would like to add?

Our goal when we opened the CP Division was to change the community, which in our view is going downhill. We wanted to dominate and force other armies drift away from all these new gay events and finally make armies about war again. However, our life circumstances haven’t allowed us to pursue armies anymore, so if any other army plans to adopt and execute our ideas in the future, they totally have our blessing. This is Sparta!

Ultimately, it seems like this will most likely be the last we’ll see from Spartans as an army. Though short-lived, their time in the army community was notable, who knows what they could’ve achieved, provided that they had the time to grow?

What do YOU think? Will Spartans ever make a return to armies? Leave YOUR thoughts in the CPAN Discord server!

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