Throwback Thursday; Legends Cup XI

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – The most anticipated tournament of the year has arrived! In the upcoming days, the first battles of Legends Cup XI will take place. Why’s this tournament so important? What’s happened in the past years? 

The Legends Cup is a tournament that normally takes place every summer within the Club Penguin Army community. It began in 2010 with 40 armies taking part, hosted by Club Penguin Army Central and the Army of Club Penguin’s creator, Oagalthorp


The Inaugural Cup

The winners of the inaugural Legends Cup were the Nachos with victories over armies such as the Watex Warriors and the Army of Club Penguin. They would go on to defeat the Ice Warriors in the championship round. The Nachos would return eight years later to hoist the trophy yet again.

Nachos vs Ice Warriors during championship battle of the inaugural Legends Cup

Previous Winners of the Cup

While in other tournaments many armies have won; only three have won the Legends Cup. The first-ever Legends Cup saw the Nachos celebrate victory. They would only get to do this once more, that being during the 8th rendition of the tournament. The runner-up of the first Legends Cup, the Ice Warriors, have won three different cups; the second, third, and fifth. However, no one can seem to master the Legends Cup quite like the Rebel Penguin Federation, who’ve hoisted the cup on five separate occasions, and are the current defending champions.

Graph of all the Legend Cup winners

The Defending Champs

The Rebel Penguin Federation went on a tear in 2020, scoring themselves four tournament cups in one year alone. Among those cups were the Legends Cup. Armies such as the Underground Mafias ArmyGolden Troops, Elites, Ice Warriors, and Help Force all went up against the rebels, but none of them stood a chance. When it was all said and done, the Rebel Penguin Federation had won themselves their fifth Legends Cup trophy.

Help Force vs Rebel Penguin Federation during Legends Cup X

The Plan for this Year

This year, the Legends Cup is unique, as it’s being hosted by the army leaders. In previous years, the tournament has been hosted by a league or media organisation. In addition, this year each army was allowed to nominate two people for the judging committee. Fourteen armies have now entered the arena, but only one will remain victorious. The first of the four rounds will take place on July 24th.


The Legends Cup is one of the most memorable tournaments within the community. This year’s however, may be remembered by most as being the first hosted without any governing body. It will be interesting to see what takes place during this tournament, and who will take home the cup for the eleventh edition of the Legend Cup.

What do YOU think? Will the Rebel Penguin Federation win the cup for the third year in a row? Tell us YOUR thoughts in the CPAN Discord!



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