CPAN Legends Cup XI Predictions: Round 1

Snow Storm, CP Army Network Headquarters – The first round of the Legends Cup XI tournament is right behind the corner, and we’ve gathered the CPAN staff predictions for you!

Today is the beginning of a highly anticipated tournament throughout the community: the Legends Cup XI. With 14 armies participating, we see 12 armies battle for the next spot in 6 intense battles (click here for the times). Who will become the victors? Who are the CP Army News Staff placing bets on?

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Army of Club Penguin vs. People’s Imperial Confederation

The People’s Imperial Confederation is set to battle the Army of Club Penguin to kick off the tournament. The People’s Imperial Confederation ranked 20th in the latest Top Ten, where the Army of Club Penguin ranked as a major army, ranked fourth. The staff predictions heavily favor the Clovers, but will this battle shake them?

The Army of CP battling the Ice Warriors this past week


F6sixer, Interim Administrator: Army of Club Penguin

Iceyfeet1234, Interim Administrator: Army of Club Penguin

Cassie, Editor: Army of Club Penguin

Kally, Editor: Army of Club Penguin

Sweater, Editor: Army of Club Penguin

Templars vs. Red Ravagers 

The major army Templars and the small-medium Red Ravagers will face off for a round two placement. Last week, the Templars maxed a high of 50 and placed fifth in the Top Ten, while the Ravagers placed fifteenth.  Could this be an easy win for the Templars, or will they finally meet their match?

The Templars in a recent battle


F6sixer, Interim Administrator: Templars

Iceyfeet1234, Interim Administrator: Templars

Cassie, Editor: Templars

Kally, Editor: Templars

Sweater, Editor: Templars

Spartans vs. Fire Warriors 

For the final battle of day one, the Spartans will battle against the Fire Warriors. Last week, the Warriors placed ninth in the Top Ten, keeping their major army status from the previous week, whereas the Spartans did not place in the latest Top Ten at all. The Spartans shut down a day before the battle, giving the Warriors spot in the second round of the tournament.

The Fire Warriors battling the Smart Penguins


F6sixer, Interim Administrator: Fire Warriors

Iceyfeet1234, Interim Administrator: Fire Warriors

Cassie, Editor: Fire Warriors 

Kally, Editor: Fire Warriors

Sweater, Editor: Fire Warriors

Special Weapons and Tactics vs. Secret Service

We see the Special Weapons and Tactics face the Secret Service to kick off the second day of round one. SWAT recently won their war against the Templars and placed seventh in the last Top Ten. The Secret Service has been on the brink of major army status, placing eleventh. Although many of the predictions are in favor of SWAT, is the army fueled for another battle?

SWAT battling against the Templars


F6sixer, Interim Administrator: Special Weapons and Tactics

Iceyfeet1234, Interim Administrator: Special Weapons and Tactics

Cassie, Editor: Special Weapons and Tactics

Kally, Editor: Special Weapons and Tactics

Sweater, Editor: Special Weapons and Tactics

Help Force vs. Underground Mafias Army

The newly revived Underground Mafias Army will be meeting the Help Force on the battlefield. The Helpers recently placed third on the Top Ten rankings and have been maxing over 35 penguins for the past weeks. The Underground Mafia recently returned to the army community, maxing eight during their revival event. The staff predicts that the Helpers will take the win, but will the Mafias prove to be a challenge?

Underground Mafias revival event.


F6sixer, Interim Administrator: Help Force

Iceyfeet1234, Interim Administrator: Help Force 

Cassie, Editor: Help Force

Kally, Editor: Help Force

Sweater, Editor: Help Force

Water Vikings vs. Smart Penguins

For the final battle of round one, the Water Vikings will face the Smart Penguins. After a month of being shut down, the Water Vikings were recently revived under new leadership and ranked eighth in this week’s Top Ten. The Smart Penguins were able to rank tenth in the latest Top Ten and earn them a place as a major army. The staff prediction is in the Viking’s favor, but will they win with their new leadership?

The Vikings revival event


F6sixer, Interim Administrator: Water Vikings

Iceyfeet1234, Interim Administrator: Water Vikings

Cassie, Editor: Water Vikings

Kally, Editor: Water Vikings

Sweater, Editor: Water Vikings

With the first round of battles happening in a few hours, the Legends Cup tournament is the big talk in the army community. Which staff do you agree with? Who do you think will proceed to the next round?

What do YOU think? Let us know what YOUR predictions are in the CPAN discord server!


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