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Snow Storm, CP Army Network Headquarters – With the official community-wide announcement of Legends Cup XI comes many questions and inquiries; and we’re here to provide some answers.

Ever since the influx of new people into the Club Penguin Army community back in 2020, there has been a lot of members diving headfirst into their respective armies without actual knowledge as to what they’re really getting themselves into. With the upcoming Legends Cup XI, Club Penguin Army Network wanted to bring forth answers to some frequently asked questions about the tournament that could help orient both new and old members of CPA.

What is Legends Cup XI?

The Legends Cup is a tournament that has been held within CPA for 10 consecutive years. Since it was first hosted in 2010 by Club Penguin Army Central (CPAC), it has become the most anticipated tournament in the community. 2021 marks Legends Cup’s 11th year, and it’s still as prevalent as ever. With the sudden increase in army numbers within the past year, we’re excited to see how things will play out!

Which armies are competing for this year’s Legends Cup?

The newly released bracket shows there are currently 14 armies competing in the tournament. Check out the post Legends Cup XI – Round 1 Times and Information for a more detailed list! (Note: The bracket still includes Spartans as they shut down after the post was published)

LCXI tournament bracket

How does the Legends Cup work?

First and foremost, tournaments require armies who would compete against one another. A tournament bracket is then formed, indicating which armies would battle in the first round and therefore proceed to the next. This goes on until there’s one army left standing to take home the trophy. There are also multiple judges for every battle. As for the semi-finals and finals, there is a team of 5 judges. Judging is just like any other battle: the faster and cleaner, and more creative the tactics are, the better.

Why is winning LCXI important to armies?

To answer this question, we reached out the leader and leader in training, respectively, of former Legends’ Cup champion armies for their insights: Rebel Penguin Federation‘s F6Sixer and Ice Warrior‘s DrQueen. Within the past 10 years, these two armies were able to win the tournament multiple times along with the Nacho Army which shut down in 2017.

F6Sixer: It’s the biggest tournament in CPA and we’re the defending champions so its all the more important for us to win it this year.

DrQueen: As Ice Warriors is 1 out of the 3 armies, who has won the Legends cup ever, I think its important that we continue to uphold achievement and to continue to add on to our history! Given that IW also won March Madness, I think it would be amazing if we were able to win two big tournaments back to back. It would really show the community how strong and dedicated Ice Warriors can be once tournament season arises!

As the first round draws closer, the excitement within the community becomes more and more difficult to contain. We wish everyone the best of luck, and may the best army win! As always, Club Penguin Army Network will keep you up to date.

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