Legends Cup XI – Round 1 Times and Information

Unlike previous iterations, this year’s Legends Cup is unique, in that it is organized by leaders of the army community rather than a league or media organization. However, CPAN will cover this year’s Legends Cup, aka LCXI, by providing in depth reviews, predictions and so much more. LCXI will feature 4 rounds over a period of 4 weeks starting on Saturday, July 24th. It will feature a total of 14 armies. LCXI will feature 1v1 battles, wherein the winner advances to the next round.

For the seeding, armies decided to use a 4 week average of the Top Tens produced by Club Penguin Army Network (CPAN) and Club Penguin Army Headquarters (CPA HQ). Seeds for the tournament are as follows,

[1] Rebel Penguin Federation

[2] Ice Warriors

[3] Help Force

[4] Army of Club Penguin

[5] Templars

[6] Special Weapons and Tactics

[7] Water Vikings

[8] Spartans

[9] Fire Warriors

[10] Smart Penguins

[11] Secret Service

[12] Red Ravagers

[13] People’s Imperial Confederation

[14] Post Malone Army

[15] Underground Mafias Army

[16] Medieval Warriors

Unfortunately, Medieval Warriors and Post Malone Army pulled out of the tournament earlier today, reducing the total number of participants to 14. Consequently, Rebel Penguin Federation and the Ice Warriors, the top two seeds, directly advanced to round two. The tournament’s bracket is as follows,


LCXI Bracket

All armies taking part in the tournament nominated 2 judges to a judging panel. This panel is responsible for selecting judges for each LCXI battle. Moreover, all armies may veto up to 2 judges per battle. All battles will be held on weekends, i.e. Saturday/Sunday during EU hours i.e. 2PM and 3PM EST respectively.

Round 1 Times and Information

Round 1 will feature the following six battles,

Day 1: Saturday, July 24th

Day 2: Sunday, July 25th

The stage is now set for the biggest tournament of this year. Over the next four weeks, these armies will battle it out for the right to be crowned winner. Good luck to all armies taking part. May the best army win!

Who do you think will win this year’s Legends Cup? Let us know in our Discord server!


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