CPAN Map Updates: July 11th – July 17th

Snow Storm, CP Army Network Headquarters – Another week draws to a close, and the wave of invasions doesn’t seem any closer to stopping. With many servers still up for grabs on the CPAN map, let’s see which were claimed this week!

Once again the map was highly influenced by the war between Templars and Special Weapons and Tactics. On Friday however, an announcement by F6sixer and Iceyfeet1234 declared the war as a SWAT win. Along with this win, all of Templars’ current land would be transferred to SWAT.

The CP Army Network League was also joined by three armies: the Water Vikings, One Direction Army, and the Underground Mafias Army. From the three, only the Water Vikings have claimed a capital so far, namely Ice Berg.

Invasions July 11th – July 17th

  • Fire Warriors: Snow Shoe | Cloudy | Flippers | Grasshopper
  • Golden Troops: South Chills | Balaclava Bay (transfer from PMA)
  • Help Force: Cold Front | Crunch
  • Ice Warriors: Mukluk | Ice Bound | Big Snow
  • Medieval Warriors: Yukon | Sled | Sasquatch | Mittens (unsuccessful)
  • Post Malone Army: Bobsled | North Beret | Walrus | Deep Snow
  • Rebel Penguin Federation: Snow Bank | Yeti | Tea
  • Sea Serpents: Sleet | Fog | Sasquatch (unsuccessful)
  • Silver Empire: Snow Plow | Flurry | Winter Land | Drafty Chills | Hailstone | Frozen Horizon
  • Smart Penguins: Glacier Canal | Blizzard Hills | Frigid Waters
  • Special Weapons and Tactics (all servers either won or transferred from TCP): Cabin | Elevation | Fiesta | Ice Cold | Ice Box | Ice Shelf | Mullet | White House
  • Water Vikings: Ice Berg (Capital) | Polar

The current state of the map, click to enlarge

With the third week of invasions behind us, we see that armies spared no effort to invade more and more land. The community has also witnessed the map’s first war, which concluded in SWAT victory. How long until we witness another?

What’s next for the map, will it be filled any time soon? Let us know your opinion in the CPAN Discord!


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