Administrative Note Regarding The Templars of Club Penguin

The Templars (TCP) have been locked in a bitter war with Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) over the last few weeks with both sides scheduling numerous invasions on one another and numerous allegations of multilogging and rule breaking. As part of deliberations, leaders of both sides approached me to work out common terms of their war and to an extent this was successful as both armies agreed to at least some of the terms that were proposed. I’d assumed that the matter would end there and both armies would go about having their war but my assumption was soon to be proven horribly wrong.

 Note: Reader discretion advised. This article references some disturbing content that is not suitable for all audiences.

As soon as both armies declared on each other, SWAT and TCP leaders were incessantly hostile to one another and would quite often argue in public CPAN chats. Soon this devolved into personal attacks on leaders and as CPAN was moderating its chat more heavily, these attacks switched to DMs. The  Templars were aggravated that SWAT referenced one of their leaders parental issue in a chat, and responded by harassing SWAT leaders in DMs and in CPAN chats meant for official CPAN communications. The Templars went so far as to send racist and pornographic content to leaders and members of SWAT, some of whom are minors. This act was then referenced in #army-leaders chat which led to Deep, one of the Templar leaders, getting banned from the CPAN discord. This brazen act by a TCP leader made many members of staff, army leaders and the administration extremely uncomfortable. In spite of repeated requests to both sides to show restraint, the Templars continued their belligerence and blatant disregard for the league rules by referencing a SWAT leader’s dox among other toxic tactics on CPR. Such behavior by any army is unacceptable.

Templars calling Legoman, a SWAT leader, as a mass shooter

Templars calling Legoman, a SWAT leader, as a mass shooter

The following pictures were sent by Templars leader Deep to SWAT leaders and are deeply disturbing, viewer discretion is advised


As part of CPAN’s commitment to all armies in its league, we aim to uphold our founding principles of being a safe, trustworthy and unbiased organization. The actions of the Templars are without a doubt against the league’s rules and its founding principles. CPAN cannot sit by idly and condone this behavior. To this end, CPAN is hereby expelling the Templars of Club Penguin from the league. Moreover, all TCP members will cease to have staff positions in CPAN from this point onward. By violating the league’s common terms of engagement, the Templars have automatically lost this war. We hereby declare SWAT as the winners and transfer all TCP land to them.

On behalf of the administrative team, I’d like to apologize to everyone affected by the actions of the Templars. CPAN will continue to uphold its founding principles and provide a safe space to all armies that seek it. To those armies who blatantly disregard our rules and abuse members of our community, let me be unequivocally clear, you are not welcome in CPAN!

F6sixer and IceyFeet1234

CPAN Interim Administrators

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