Templars-SWAT War || Days 6-7 Recap

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – The conflict between the Templars and Special Weapons and Tactics has gone on for many days at this point, with multiple battles taking place daily. Let’s take a look at who won each of the battles in the past two days.

Disclaimer: The CP Army Network will no longer be covering the war on a daily basis. Instead, we will be covering every two, to three days in a singular post unless something major happens within the war.

The Special Weapons and Tactics and Templars have been at war for a week now. Over this time period, we’ve seen victories on both ends, and during different times of the day. The Templars have been dominant throughout the European, and American times, while SWAT has battled back during AUSIA.

Over the past two days, four invasions took place across the servers of  Ice Box, Ice Cave, Ice Shelf, and Ice Cold. Who won each invasion?

Templar’s Invasion of Ice Box

The first of many battles over the next two days; the invasion of Ice Box was scheduled by the Templars. The invasion of Ice Box began with Templar’s domination over SWAT. With faster tactics, cleaner formations, and spectacular bombs to go around. Along with all of this, the Templars held their normal size advantage, being able to out-compete SWAT and crown themselves the champions of Ice Box.

SWAT’s Invasion of Ice Cave

Similar to the invasion earlier in the day; the Templars took off running from the start. Throughout all three rooms, the Templars bombed frequently. Along with their speed, size, and cleanliness; it was very hard for SWAT to remotely even keep up. In the end, this battle was a blowout, ending in Templar triumph.

SWAT’s Invasion of Ice Shelf

To kick off the invasions of July 14th; SWAT launched their invasion of Ice Shelf during the AUSIA hours. The battle opened up like every other battle; the Templar’s fast tactics and bombings, yet they didn’t have the size.  This was soon to change, and SWAT quickly took the room by siege with their size advantage and coverage over the Templars.  The second room was very similar to the last AUSIA battle at this time. The room was very messy, and no clear winner was decided, leaving the room a tie. The final room was like the first, where SWAT had a clear size advantage and better coverage over the tactics. This would end the battle with a SWAT victory.

Templar’s Invasion of Ice Cold

The second, and final invasion of the 14th was scheduled by the Templars. The invasion of Ice Cold began like every other invasion; Templar’s speed led them to blow away the competition. Along with their speed, their bombs were very clean, and frequent, making it very hard for SWAT to compete. The battle ended like most other battles at this hour; in Templar triumph and victory.

Amidst all the chaos the war brings, the CP Army Network reached out to Templar’s leader, Echo, and SWAT leader, Mare, about their thoughts on the current war situation.

Echo had the following to say:

I think SWAT tried chewing on a snack too big for them. Honestly, I didn’t expect them to last this long so props to them!

Mare gave the following statement:

I heard they are doing a gofundme for Xing’s VPN so if anyone wants to help the kid out please do! Also, TCP is going down.

Both the Templars and Special Weapons and Tactics have been fighting courageously throughout the entirety of this war. With more invasions to come in the following days, it’ll be interesting to see who gains the upper hand in this war. The invasions of Fiesta and Elevation are scheduled for tomorrow. Who’ll win be able to claim the servers?

What do YOU think? Who will dominate in tomorrow’s series of battles? Tell us YOUR thoughts in the CPAN Discord!


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