The Next Leader: Where Are They Now? Rishchamp from DW

Snow Storm, Hidden CPAN Staff Pizzeria โ€“ For this week’s edition of the Next Leader, we go back to our very first interview with the one, the only, Rishchamp. Where does one go from their home army shutting down?

From the 10 original interviews conducted, no one had quite as much charm and confidence as Rishchamp. An army veteran with more than 5 years of experience, and a Leader in Training of a major army, but only a few weeks after our interview, that security and the road to leadership had been cut short.

The Dark Warriors were very well-known in the army community, with strong Top Ten placements each week and ties to the Black Ice Alliance. In October of 2020, the army would even celebrate its 13th anniversary with massive success. Yet only weeks later, the army’s staff and sizes would start to crumble. Following internal conflicts, which were kept hidden from the public eye, the Dark Warriors would meet their inevitable demise.

Dark Warriors celebrating their 13th birthday last October

By Christmas, the Dark Warriors weren’t what they were known to be, and the army eventually shut down. Although their Discord server is still up and running, it is mostly unrecognizable as a former Club Penguin army. Instead, the group now focuses on gaming events and social rewards. This left Rishchamp, quite bluntly, homeless.

So what does one do when the army that you have grown in and you have learned to love, shuts down? Where do you go from there? I took the time to do some detective work (Aunt Arctic would be jealous) and tracked Rishchamp down for an interview!


Hey Rish! It has been almost exactly 8 months still we last talked! What have you been up to? How has life been treating you?

Hey kally! I’ve pretty much been focused on getting school over with. After school ended in May, I’ve been hanging out with friends and making the most of it before we all part ways for college. Life has been good overall.

That’s good to hear! Following our interview, it didn’t take long for your home army at the time, the Dark Warriors to shut down. What kept you from moving to another place?

I just decided that all my effort in Dark Warriors was good enough for me. I didn’t think I could find the time or ability to make a new family like the one that I had there. Although I didn’t move on to a new army, I still made long lasting friends that I still talk to to this day.

It does feel like you have kind of been here but in a way haven’t been around at all. At this point, do you think settling down is worth it anymore?

Honestly, I don’t even know what I am doing anymore lmao. If I did settle down in the community again, it would be a long process to get back to where I was before. If I don’t settle down, then I won’t be able to cherish the full extent of cpa and it’s development over the past year which I’ve missed out on. Since I’m stuck between the two, I’ve decided to just do as much as I can do in the time that I still have left so that I don’t have regrets in the future.

Heheh, in our original interview, it was really funny to see how you called CPA “a reality tv show (…) just full of penguins instead”. By the looks of it, you’re enjoying the show! Do you have any memorable experiences that have been funny to spectate from an “outside” view?


I can’t think of any memorable experiences off of the top of my head but it is very funny to see how many armies keep closing down and reopening. Cough Cough Doritos…. cough cough. I also love seeing Templars starting drama every once in a while, but then again it is an unstable army so. (idk if you can put that in there bc I don’t want them declaring war on me :sweat_smile:) Overall, I’ve seen many new people that I’ve never met before in cpa and I have also seen many controversial/legends disappear. They may still be there idk, I probs just didn’t see them. And finally, I’m very surprised that armies are still thriving despite the constant transitions between cpps and whatnot. That took a huge toll on Dark Warriors and I’m sure on many other major armies as well.

I do hope armies don’t declare war on a singular person! Since you aren’t going to settle down for any army, wouldn’t a position in judging be right up your ally? No affiliation after all…

That is true, judging wouldn’t be a bad idea. However, I attended an IW event yesterday and the tactics have gotten much more complex (maybe it’s just me idk). Someone called a z wipe and I felt like an actual private because I had no clue what that was. Also, I always thought armies would stay in a room for 10 minutes then switch but I think that changed as well. But I’m sure if I became more familiar with the “current” methods of battling then I could be a judge sometime in the future.

Well Rish, it has been a pleasure catching up with you. I wish you all the best for the future, and I hope to see you around sometime! Do you have anything to add to this interview? May I suggest:

Thank you for the interview, glad we could catch up! And yes. we watchin a reality tv show hose :flopdance: just full of penguins instead

No nitro so it’s not the same :smiling_face_with_tear:

Rishchamp hasn’t gone anywhere! Although not enlisted in any army, he still keeps up with the Kardash- the CPA community. Armies are still thriving, and there’s still plenty to spectate.

What do YOU think? Is settling down in just one army even worth the effort anymore? Let us know in the CPAN Discord!

๐ŸŒˆ Kally

CPA Network Editor

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