Templars-SWAT War || Day 5 Recap

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – As another day comes to a close, we look back on the two battles that took place earlier today. Who came out on top after Day 5 battles of the Templars – SWAT war?

The conflict between the Templars and Special Weapons and Tactics has gone unheard of throughout the community. With over six battles taking place, and victories spread throughout both armies, let’s take a look at today’s exchanges.

SWAT’s Invasion of Ice Box

During today’s late AUSIA hours, the Special Weapons and Tactics and Templars faced off in the second AUSIA battle of the war. A trend seems to be continuous with these early battles, but let’s take a look at who was crowned the champion of Ice Box.

Inside Mine

The first of three, and of many today; the Mine was a great place to begin the day’s battle(s). The Templars arrived first per usual, with SWAT right behind or their tail. As the room progressed, the Special Weapons and Tactics made up cleaner forms than the Templars, as well as covering them with their swift tactics. Along with their speed throughout the room, SWAT gained the advantage and the victory in the first room.


Room two, otherwise known as the Stadium in this scenario, was a fierce battle. Both armies rushed into the room, along with their bombs and formations. Similar to the first room, and prior AUSIA invasion; SWAT took advantage of the pace, and in the end controlled it. By the end of the room, the judges had decided that SWAT was the victor of the second room.

Inside Dojo

In the final room of the AUSIA invasion, both armies held strong throughout the room. With SWAT controlling the pace, it was clear how the room was projected to go. With the Templars slowly losing their grip on the battle, and their speed, SWAT used their speed to pull away from the competition, ending their third room victory.

Both armies fought hard for the server of Ice Box. However, the Special Weapons and Tactics were able to pull away with their first three-room sweep. Congratulations to the Special Weapons and Tactics!

The judges’ verdict, click to enlarge

Templar’s Invasion of Cabin

Following the invasion of Ice Box; the Templars were eager for redemption. Nearly 10 hours after the battle of Ice Box, both armies logged on for the sixth battle of the Templars-SWAT war. 


The first room of the second battle opened like usual; the Templars beating SWAT into the room. The room started out fast-paced, but soon diminished into a lackluster room. Throughout the ten minutes, the Templars had a good portion of inactive troops, hurting their size advantage against the Special Weapons and Tactics. The Templars were able to execute stellar bombs, covering the room. SWAT retaliated, with good coverage via their tactics and formations throughout the room, along with an equal balance of tactics. Due to these many factors, the judges ruled the room as a tie.

Snow Forts

The Snow Forts, unknowingly, would become the most fierce room within the entire battle. The forts opened with fast bombs and tactics from both sides. The Templars would settle into a plus formation, something they wouldn’t move from for a majority of the room. Throughout all these tactics, formations, and bombs; the Templars still held a size advantage. While the Templars weren’t taking advantage of their speed, the Special Weapons and Tactics tried bombing and wiping the room on multiple occasions, to no avail. Due to their speed, and size advantage, the Templars took home yet another room victory.

Inside Mine

The final room of the day; the Mine would be a crucial room. Both armies entered the room at their normal paces. The Templars continued with what they had done rooms and battles prior; hold formation for a minute, then bomb. SWAT was starting to catch on to this and started movements more than they had in previous rooms. Throughout the room, the Templars lacked a variety of tactics and used primarily emote-based tactics throughout the room. SWAT didn’t have the numbers to compete with the Templars but had the speed and coverage during points of the room. Due to these factors, the judges ruled a second tie within this battle.

While not with a three-room sweep, the Templars took home yet another server following the end of the battle. Congratulations to the Templars!

The judges’ verdict, click to enlarge

Both of today’s battles were invigorating to watch. Both armies walked away with new servers following today’s invasions, ending the day with a win-win. The next invasions are set for July 13th, as SWAT invades Ice Cave, and the Templars set to claim Ice Box. Who will succeed and take home the win?

What do YOU think? Who’ll come out on top following tomorrow’s battles? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the CPAN Discord!

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