Top Ten Armies [7/4/21-7/10/21]

SNOW STORM, CPAN’s TT Office – The emergence of new small/medium armies appears this week on the Top Ten board. As more armies continue to claim land, will the presence of more S/M armies make it even more competitive to claim their desired land? Read below to see this week’s Top Ten scores.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] (79.33)

2. Ice Warriors [+0] (76.73)

3. Help Force [+0] (65.98)

4. Templars [+2] (62.3)

5. Army of Club Penguin [-1] (60.37)

6. Special Weapons and Tactics [+1] (52.28)

7. Silver Empire [-2] (48.0)

8. Fire Warriors [+0] (36.26)

9. Spartans [+0] (29.5)

10. Smart Penguins [+1] (28.28)

—- Close to Top 10 —-

11. Golden Troops [+3] (20.46)

12. Secret Service [+2] (19.6)

13. Post Malone Army [NEW] (18.0)

14. Red Ravagers [-1] (17.2)

15. People’s Imperial Confederation [-3] (16.32)

16. Sea Serpents [+0] (15.5)

17. Thunderstruck [RETURN] (14.5)

18. Crimson Guardians [+2] (12.6)

19. Island Invaders [NEW] (11.5)

20. Tundra Union Armed Forces [NEW] (9.5)

21. Medieval Warriors [RETURN] (8.5)

To view the calculations, please click here.

Disclaimer: Summaries are based on armies’ own reports, whereas size points are based on recounted pictures.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation had a busy week with a total of 8 events. They first battled the Red Ravagers in a heated practice battle, with 48 troops in attendance. The rebels then held two invasions, for the servers Beanbag and Snow-Covered, maxing 39 and 45, respectively. A music festival event saw a peak of 42 rebels, and 43 troops logged on for their invasion of Wind Chill. Their Mesozoic Maze showed a max of 44 and the following Opposite Genre Party maxed 42. Their final event of the week, Operation: Rock the Party, showed 37 troops in attendance.

2. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors had a busy week with 8 events in total.  They kicked things off with a red, white, and blue-themed outfit invasion of Slippers that saw a max of 37.  On Monday they had a fun game of hide and seek after successfully invading Tundra with 36 penguins attending.  Following the warriors had a Practice Battle against the Red Ravagers and added the South Pole to their territories.  Later that day, they had another practice battle, this time with Silver Empire, and successfully invaded Dry Ice.  They maxed 31 and 34 respectively.  On Thursday they invaded Snowcap and saw a max of 31 penguins and the following day, added North Frosty to their map with 48 penguins attending.  Saturday saw 38 warriors logged on for invasion of Frosty as well as a successful practice battle against Redemption Force and the conquest of Klondike.

3. Help Force: The Help Force held a total of 4 events this week including operations, battles, and invasions. To kick start their week, on Tuesday, Help Force held an EU Operation Mopia and managed to max a total of 49. On Wednesday, the Help Force held an EU Battle Of The Motherlands event, maxing 42. Continuing with their weekly events, on Thursday, Help Force held an AUSIA Battle “Ravager Rampage” and maxed a total of 43. To conclude their weekly events, Help Force held an EU Battle “Brother Brawl” and maxed a total of 31 troops.

4. Templars: The Templars held a total of five events this week.  They kicked their week off by invading the freeland server Mullet, where they maxed 41. As part of their war, TCP would then invade SWAT’s server, Ice Cave, with a max of 50. A defense of Mullet against the Island Invaders had them max 41 in the process. Another invasion against SWAT, this time Ice Shelf, saw them emerge victorious with a max of 35 members. To finish things off, they once again battled SWAT in order to re-invade Ice Cave and had a max of 40 members.

5. Army of Club Penguin: This week the Army of Club Penguin had 8 events. They kicked off their week with an EU victory celebration event for their success in Project Conquest, maxing 31. After a break day, they maxed 36 penguins at another EU event, this one an event celebrating the start of summer. They then hosted a Mexican Fiesta-themed AUSIA event and hit a max of 27 penguins. Their next event was the US “Back to the Future” themed event, and maxed 29 penguins online. Next, their EU practice battle with the Red Ravagers saw a max of 26. The next day’s EU event maxed 29, in which they battled the Smart Penguins. They then had a US skateboard-themed event which had a max of 34 penguins online. They finished off the week with an EU practice battle with the Help Force and maxed 32 penguins.

6. Special Weapons and Tactics: The Special Weapons and Tactics held 5 events this week. They began with an AUSIA training on Tuesday, reaching a max of 17. The same day, they attempted to defend their server, Ice Cold, from the Templars and peaked at 32 penguins online. On Thursday, they unsuccessfully defended Ice Shelf from the Templars and hit a max of 30. The next day, they held another AUSIA training, where they had 21 troops in attendance. Their final event of the week was the defense of Ice Cave vs. the Templars, where they reached a max size of 20.

7. Silver Empire: This week on another episode of Silver Empire, they had a great week hosting 6 events! They began their week with their Indiana Jones take over plus the invasion of Northern Lights. They maxed 20 penguins. They secured their next piece of land, Winter Way, as they maxed 19 penguins. On their third event, they showed off their skills by having a small practice battle with their allies, Ice Warriors, and hosting a connect four-event between both armies! A total of 18 penguins came to the event. They surfed it up even more with their lifeguard takeover, claiming Ice Pond and maxing 23 penguins in total! Things got a little fishy when they hosted their Fishy Fishy takeover securing Icicle with their highest max of the week of 30 penguins! They ended their successful week by invading Ice Age and hosting a fishing tournament, in which they maxed 29. 

8. Fire Warriors: The Fire Warriors held a total of 5 events this week. They kicked off their week with an AUSIA invasion, where they maxed a total of 10 troops online. They continued their week with an EU invasion of Snowfall, maxing 18 penguins. Next off, they invaded Bonza, reaching 11 penguins for their AUSIA event. Their next EU event maxed 18 troops online, where they invaded Snowboard. To finish off their week of invasions, they held an EU invasion, which reached a total of 18 penguins online.

9. Spartans: The Spartans held one event. This was their Invasion of Blizzard, where they maxed a respectable 35 troops.

10. Smart Penguins: The Smart Penguins held 4 events this week.  They began with an EU battle against their allies the People’s Imperial Federation where they maxed 12 and emerged victoriously.  On Tuesday they had a Cart Surfer tournament after successfully invading Berg and maxing 16 members in the process. Wednesday saw 10 penguins logging on to add Snow Angel to their territories as well as a celebratory Pizzatron tournament with Guncotton placing 1st.  To finish off their week, the Smart Penguins conquered Boots and held an Ice Fishing tournament with Sora capturing the most fish and a max of 7.

The competition for land continues. How much land is too much land for any army? The world may never know. Stay tuned for next week’s feature of CPAN’s Top 10 Column.

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