Templars-SWAT War || Day 4 Recap

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – The fourth day of the Templars-SWAT War has come to an end. Who came out on top during today’s battle?

The current war, involving both the Templars and Special Weapons and Tactics has raged on for many days now. The first three battles of the war have all ended in Templar triumph, with three-room sweeps over SWAT. Will SWAT’s invasion of Ice Box end in Templar triumph once more?

 Inside Mine

The first of three rooms, the Mine seemed to be a hassle for both armies. The Templars arrived first, no different than prior battles, proceeded to bomb, and enter formation. SWAT wasn’t far behind however and seemed to be just as fast as the Templars. As the room progressed, the size difference grew smaller and smaller, to a point of evenness. For the first time, the Special Weapons and Tactics took control of the pace. With fast-paced tactics and swift formations, SWAT stood greater to match to the Templars bombs and earned the crown of room one.

Battle Room 1: Inside the Mine

Snow Forts

The Snow Forts was one of the most interesting rooms so far within this entire war. Both armies entered strong, bombing and entering formation. These formations weren’t the same judges had been used to rooms prior with attempts at diagonal lines from the Templars, and a messy plus from SWAT. The formations were quickly changed, as both armies either bombed or wiped, yet this would do no good. Both armies re-entered non-useful formations that were either non-affective or plagued by bunching. Along with the little to no size advantage, and lack of tactic coverage, the judges decided to remain the room a tie.

Battle Room 2: Snowforts


The final room of the battle was the most important. If the Templars could win the room, they could force overtime. The room began with SWAT entry, while the Templars seemed to lag behind. From this point on, SWAT assumed total domination of the room with their speed and formations. While the Special Weapons and Tactics were covering, the Templars entered pre-used forms judges had seen in every room and refused to change up these forms. With the lack of bombing from the Templars; the Special Weapons and Tactic gained the victory in room three.

Battle Room 3: Iceberg

The judges’ verdict

Alas, after four battles, the Special Weapons and Tactics have started turning the tide of the war with their successful invasion of Ice Cold. Will the Templars strike back or will SWAT be victorious again during tomorrow’s battle?

What do YOU think? Has SWAT’s luck turned? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the CPAN Discord!


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