Templars-SWAT War || Day 3 Recap

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – Day three of the Templars-SWAT war has come to an end following the first, and only battle of the day. Who came out victorious at the end of the day?

On July 6th, the Templars started their war campaign, invading Ice Cave, the first of SWAT’s servers. This first invasion would end in a triumphant Templars victory. The second battle of the war occurred on July 8th with the invasion of Ice Shelf. Yet again, the Templars would come out on top. Amidst the battles between the Special Weapon and Tactics and Templars, other armies have attempted to enter the conflict. Armies like the Island Invaders and Post Malone Army attempted to schedule invasions of Templar territory. Due to these confrontations, the CP Army Network has stepped in as a neutral body and added to the war terms that “no external interferences may occur.” This was in exchange for allies being allowed.

The third battle of the Templars-SWAT war took place earlier today, with the Special Weapons and Tactics trying to re-invade Ice Cave. Who won the battle of Ice Cave?

Pet Shop

With an awkward first room decision and announcement, both armies rushed to entered the Pet Shop. The Templars entered faster, bombing, then immediately entered formation. The Special Weapons and Tactics weren’t as fast however and spent more time entering the room and entering formation. The sizes for both armies varied throughout the room, as both armies gained and lost troops as the room progressed. As the battle for room one continued, the Templars swift tactics and formations entries while SWAT wasn’t as fast. Due to these factors, the judges ruled the first room in the Templar’s favor.

Templars performing an EI tactic, covering the SWAT’s ET.



Similar to the start of room one, both armies flew into the stadium. The Templars arrived first once again, bombed quickly, and entered plus formation. SWAT wasn’t as swift similar to room one and followed in the footsteps of the Templars. With increases in size on both sides, the pace of the battle started speeding up once again. While the Templars controlled the pace with their high-speed bombs and tactics, the Special Weapons and Tactics lagged behind, and much like room one wasn’t able to keep up. Alas like room one, the Templars claimed room two in victory.

The Templars outperforming SWAT in size, whilst SWAT counteract with a big word bubble.


Inside Mine

In the final room of the battle, the Templars entered quickly. Just like rooms prior, they bombed and quickly entered formation while the Special Weapons and Tactics slowly entered. With speed on their size, the Templars continued pushing pressure on SWAT. Similiar to form rooms, the Special Weapons and Tactics couldn’t keep up with their tactics, nor forms. Like previous rooms, the Templars were crowned the victors of room three.

SWAT doing an ET tactic whilst Templars respond with the E9. Both armies looking similar.

The judges announcing a Templars victory in yet another 3-0. The judge cites a “massive size advantage” as the main reason for the victory, with Templars also having faster tactics.

The Templars successfully invaded Ice Cave in their third three-room sweep over the Special Weapons and Tactics. With SWAT losing their third straight battle, will they be able to turn the tide on this war? The next battles are scheduled for July 11th during AUSIA hours. Will SWAT be able to take advantage of the Templars with their AUSIA force?

What do YOU think? Will SWAT be successful during their AUSIA invasions on the 11th? Tell us YOUR thoughts in the CPAN Discord!


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