CPAN Map Updates: July 4th – July 10th

Snow Storm, CP Army Network Headquarters – As the second week of invasions comes to a close, the CPAN Map looks more colourful than ever. Find all invasions and map updates in this post!

The second week of invasions started off similarly to the first until a heated war overtook the whole community. On Wednesday, in a flurry of war declarations, the Templars and the Special Weapons and Tactics entered a war, although the terms remained unclear for the next few days.

For this reason, the war can also be named the biggest change for this week’s map updates, as the majority of the community would continue invading, the aforementioned armies would be fighting it out for each others’ land without end. Thus, the invasion updates will reflect this below as a simple bracket, indicating which army a server was won from. As always, a summary of all invasions can be found below.

Invasions July 4th – July 10th

  • Fire Warriors: Ice Palace | Snowboard | Bonza | Snowfall | Cozy
  • Golden Troops: Ice Rink | Southern Lights | Iceland | Evergreen | South Beret | South Chills
  • Ice Warriors: Slippers | South Pole | Tundra | Dry Ice | Snowcap | Frosty | North Frosty | Klondike | Fjord (Transfer From Templars)
  • Post Malone Army: East Shoreline | Shoreline | Temperate Frost | Foggy Rock
  • Rebel Penguin Federation: Beanbag | Wind Chill | Snow Covered
  • Sea Serpents: Bunny Hill | Patagonia
  • Silver Empire: Ice Pond | Icicle | Ice Age | Winter Way | Bubblegum | Northern Lights
  • Smart Penguins: Berg | Boots | Snow Angel
  • Spartans: Blizzard
  • Special Weapons and Tactics: Cabin | Fiesta | Downside Coast | Snow Cone
  • Templars: Mullet | Ice Shelf (Won From SWAT) | Ice Cave (Won From SWAT)

The current state of the map, click to enlarge

Even in the second week of invasions, armies have taken no time off to claim even more land. We also witnessed the first war on this current map, leading to an ever more heated summer.

What did YOU think of the second week of the new map? Will we see even more invasion wars in the following weeks? Let us know in the CPAN Discord!


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