Templars-SWAT War || Day Two Recap

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Offices – Day two of the Templars-SWAT war has come to an end. Another invasion has passed, but who emerged victorious? 

On July 6th, the Templars invaded SWAT‘s server of Ice Cave. What soon followed was the Templars first victory of the war. While the Templars and Special Weapons and Tactics are at odds; the Island Invaders have attempted to enter the picture with their invasion of Mullet. This attempt would be unsuccessful, as the Templars would sweep the defense. Earlier today, on July 8th, the second battle of the war occurred, but who came out victorious in this three-room battle?


To start the battle, the Templars entered the room first, bombing, then immediately entering box formation. SWAT wasn’t as fast however; entering with a slow bomb, and into a V formation. Throughout the room, both the Templars and SWAT had similar sizes of 25 and 23 respectively until the very end. In the final moments of room one, the Special Weapons and Tactics size had decreased to just 17, while the Templars had gained to 35. Along with the fast speed, and the ease of tactic coverage, the Templars claimed the first room in victory.

Templars and SWAT battling it out in the Stadium. Templars 1-0.


Similar to the first room, the Templars entered the room first with the same speed as the previous room and quickly got into an upside down T formation. While the Templars were in form, SWAT was still bombing and slowly got into a L formation. Templars had a considerable size difference once again, being able to cover SWAT’s tactics with ease once more. With sloppy forms, constantly being covered and no variety of tactics from SWAT, the room once again was given to the Templars.

Templars and SWAT covering one another in the Mine. Templars 2-0.


Equivalent to the last two rooms, Templars entered the room first, showing no sign of loss in their momentum. They quickly bombed the room and swiftly entered backwards L formation. While SWAT maintained a gradual pace, they entered a messy V formation. The Templars were able to take advantage of this, and along with their clean wipes and major covering, the Templars had won the third room.

Templars and SWAT finishing their battle in the Forts. Templars 3-0.

The judges announcing a Templars 3-0 victory, citing speed and size as the main factors.

The Templars successfully invaded Ice Shelf in their second three-room sweep of the war. With speedy tactics, clean wipes, formations, and covering ability, much seems to be in the horizon for this war. The third battle of the war is scheduled for July 11th, with SWAT on the offensive. Will the Templars be able to successfully defend their land or will SWAT turn the tides of this war?

What do YOU think? Who will become the victor of the next battle? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the CPAN Discord!


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