Myth Departs From the Sea Serpents Leadership

SNOWBOUND, Sea Serpents Capital – Just a month after opening, the Sea Serpents face a loss in their leadership when Myth announced stepping down from his position.

The Sea Serpents were established on the 31st of May 2021 by Myth, Alma, and Darci45. Ever since their opening event, the army has become bigger and bolder than before, even declaring war against the Medieval Warriors barely a month after the Serpents’ founding, which they ultimately won. Within the same timeframe, the Sea Serpents have managed to make their mark in the community; consistently hanging close to the Top Ten Armies list, staying active, and holding one event after another.

With the announcement of Club Penguin Army Network’s new map, the Sea Serpents has also gone out to conquer as much territory as they could. So far they have successfully invaded Rocky Road with ease, as well as attempted to take Bunny Hill and Patagonia but to no avail.

Sea Serpents invading Rocky Road

Today, July 6th, Myth announced his official retirement from being Sea Serpent’s commander and stepping down to the role of advisor. In his statement, he mentioned his departure from his leadership was supposed to be scheduled later this month, but had to step down early due to some unforeseen circumstances. Although, he expressed having no intentions of abandoning his army completely.

Myth announcing his retirement from the Serpents

To know more behind his decision, we spoke to Myth and let him tell us all the juicy details as well as his thoughts on what could come next.


What factors drove you to step down from your leadership in Sea Serpents?

Myth: I think there’s two main factors that drove me to step away. One of them was I definitely wasn’t present enough as I should be. There’s a lot going on right now, and I don’t think it’s fair to my fellow leaders to attempt to lead when clearly I’m not in the best shape. The other main reason was my desire to re-enlist somewhere else.

How do you think the Sea Serpents will manage after your retirement?

Myth: A lot better to say the least. It’s an amazing leadership team comprised of Alma, Ash, and Darci. Each one of them has something special about them that allows them to lead. They’re a beautiful team, and they’ll get the job done.

Do you think you’ll ever want to return to your leadership position?

Myth: At somepoint in the future, I would like to return to leading, but for now, I’m gonna sit on the bench and coach.

Thank you so much for your time, Myth! Do you have any final comments?

Myth: Just a reminder that 1+1= whatever you want it to be!

We wish Myth the best of luck on his future endeavors! We hope to see Sea Serpents keep up their activity and take the CP Army Community by storm. As usual, Club Penguin Army Network will keep you updated!

What are YOUR thoughts? Will the Sea Serpents live up to their full potential? Or will they eventually close down following their leader’s retirement? Let us know what YOU think in our Discord server’s general chat!


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