Island Invaders Sail Back to the Community

MITTENS, Island Invaders Capital – Amidst this summer heat, the Island Invaders have set sail and made a refreshing announcement regarding their official comeback to the community with a new generation of members!

 It was on the 19th of May 2020 when the Island Invaders were founded by Moani, quickly followed by an opening event that gave them the official status as a Club Penguin Army. They continued to move forward with a strong army foundation: allying with the likes of SWAT and Galactic Empire, holding events back-to-back and maxing 5 at their peak. Too soon than anyone would have hoped, the army’s activity declined and had to shut down when both Moani and her co-leader Alien81585 fell into inactivity.

The Island Invaders were revived later that year by LEGOMAN and Pumpkin after a long period of dormancy, starting a new and improved era for the army. They achieved a new milestone of maxing up to 22 penguins, almost quadrupling their maximum size from when they first opened. Under the leadership of the two aforementioned leaders and Turnage, the Island Invaders managed to keep a consistent maximum attendance of around 18.

Island Invaders at their peak attendance

Somewhere down the line, the Island Invaders lost their rhythm and shut down a second time for a duration of 7 months. On the 4th of July 2021, Myth declared in the post ‘It’s Time to Sail Once Again‘ a revival of the army. Notably, the post mentions how they’re returning with its third generation, which would operate under the leadership of LEGOMAN and Grace. There was a set of times for a comeback event attached to the post, which was scheduled just 6 hours after the big announcement was made. Despite the short notice and the AUSIA timing, the army managed to max a whopping 14 penguins, marking the third launch of the Island Invaders.

In an attempt to learn more about what occurred behind the revival of Island Invaders, Club Penguin Army Network managed to grab an interview with LEGOMAN, one of the current leaders of the army.


What motivated you to revive the Island Invaders?

I was motivated to revive the Island Invaders by my good friend and love interest, Stare3000 who was an avid supporter of my last generation of II. Stare dmed me saying “LEGOMAN there is no reason such an attractive individual such as yourself with amazing glutes shouldn’t be reviving the army that wears my favorite ghost costume.”

Now that the Island Invaders are back, do you have any plans and goals for the army’s near future?

I believe a common goal for the Island Invaders would be to promote healthy habits within the community, such as eating vegetables, staying away from drugs and abstinence.

What are you looking forward to in returning to the Club Penguin Army Community?

I am looking forward to the Island Invaders taking this community by storm with my gargantuan pectoral and rear deltoid muscles, graceee’s hood street smarts and chris’s…idk what his thing is yet.

Thank you for your time! Would you perhaps have anything else to add?


Congratulations to the Island Invaders on their revival! There has been several armies resurfacing recently, and we’re curious to know how the new generation of Island Invaders will perform! Club Penguin Army Network will continue to keep you posted on all the latest scoop.

What do YOU think? Will we lose the Island Invaders to inactivity once again? Or will they be able to make a big splash in the army community and regain their old glory? Let us know in our Discord server’s general chat!


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