This Week in CPA History: The CPA Central Servers Summit

Snow Storm, CP Army Network Headquarters – Welcome to the third edition of CP Army Network’s “This Week in CPA History”, where we remember important moments of CPA History. This week, we will go over the CPA Central Servers Summit, an important meeting in June 2015 amongst leaders and legends, to come up with a solution regarding server ownership.

On July 3rd, 2014, Mach, who would go on to become a Chief Executive Officer in Club Penguin Army Central wrote a post, titled “Mach Investigates || Servers“, highlighting the chaos around server ownership. Currently, armies use maps that have more than enough land for every army. However, before armies started using maps, they simply claimed servers. The original Club Penguin did have more servers than Club Penguin Rewritten, yet it still was not enough. More than a hundred servers were on the list, yet the thirty or less active armies could not decide amongst who owned what. One of the most claimed servers on the list was White Out, with 8 claims, proving just how chaotic ownership was.

On July 1st, 2015, Mach, who had now achieved the role of CEO in CPAC, posted “The CPA Central Servers Summit” to announce the next step in his plan. This meeting would invite three representatives from all armies in CPAC, as well as one representative from armies enrolled in the Small/Medium Army Press. There were also representatives from CP Army World Media, the parent of both CPAC and SMAP present.

The Server Summit scheduled!

One day after the servers summit, Mach posted “The CPA Central Servers Summit: Results“. The five main talking points were the: Servers ResetCPAC Servers Page, Board of JudgesGuidelines of Confrontation and Club Penguin Private Servers. The Servers Reset and the Server Draft were the most urgent changes, taking place exactly one week after the results were posted. Similar to modern armies, each army was to receive a capital. However, each army also received 4 other pieces of land, aside from Mammoth. This was to delegate server claims properly while keeping Mammoth at high importance by making it an initial open land. Finally, armies could claim land peacefully, and not face war through a mistake. No army had an advantage, due to each army starting with only four pieces of land.

To reach the present-day map such as in CP Army Network, however, there was a little more work necessary. After the Server Draft on July 11th, 2015, Commando717, creator of the Rebel Penguin Federation, took it upon himself to create the first army map ever. It ran on the Rebel Penguin Federation website but allowed all army leaders to view, suggest, and contact the creators to fix any parts of the map. The map succeeded, with regular updates until Club Penguin shut down. Though, sometimes armies would try and ignore the map, claiming servers they didn’t “officially” own.

After Club Penguin and CPAC shut down, the map was adopted by army leagues and media sites in Club Penguin Private Servers. The most recent changes were with CP Army HQ’s Project: Conquest, and our own map. Project: Conquest changed the map entirely, for a new style of invasions, with ours adding servers resulting in 61 servers per land. Even though the Servers Summit took place 6 years back, we are still using the results of that discussion to eliminate tension and mediate important battles, proving how useful the talks were.

Do YOU think that Mach took the right steps to host the Server Summit? Do YOU think that a server reset was the best option to limit claims of a server? Feel free to discuss any and all aspects surrounding the Summit in Club Penguin Army Network’s general chat!


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