Reinforcements en Route: Toxic Storm Joins the Secret Service Leadership

EDIT 28/06/2021, 8:07 PM BST – After approximately 23 hours of leading the Secret Service, Toxic Storm has been removed from the leadership in a coup d’état. Though there was no official reasoning, it’s not entirely unwise to assume this was to do with the troop stealing allegations placed upon them just an hour before the removal by the Special Weapons and Tactics’ leaders. You can view the announcement here.

Snow Storm, CPAN Headquarters – Just five days away from the launching of the Secret Service’s second generation, we see a familiar face in the form of Toxic Storm rejoining the leadership. What led to this decision and just what can we expect from Toxic Storm’s return?

TD999 and Toxic Storm founded the Secret Service on October 20th, 2020. The army’s first event went fairly well, cementing themselves as a solid medium army. From there, the army grew rapidly and in just three weeks after creation the army would find itself consistently top 3 in the Club Penguin Army Hub’s small medium Top Ten.

Secret Service enjoying first place on the S/M Top Ten, November 8th 2020.

Toxic Storm is no stranger to Club Penguin Armies; or even the Secret Service more specifically. Having led them previously in their first generation, as well as leading the well-known army Shadow Troops, he certainly has the experience under his belt. In an announcement on the Secret Service server, Dman64w said the following:

We’d like to announce that will be returning to Secret Service leadership at the start of the second generation. Be sure to give him a warm welcome back.

As we can see, when the second generation officially kicks off on July 3rd, Toxic Storm will be rejoining the leadership. The announcement though didn’t answer a whole lot of questions, so CP Army Network reached out to Toxic Storm for an interview.

Interview with Toxic Storm

What led to the decision of you returning to the leadership?

Toxic Storm: Well SS is the army that I co-created and worked on to reach success along with my close friend [TD999] in it’s first generation. Now that it is returning for a second generation I decided to come back and hopefully work harder and make it better.

Can you share what Secret Service hopes to accomplish with you back at the helm?

Toxic Storm: Now that I am back there I will try and focus on keeping SS at the top of the weekly top tens and together with the other leaders will work harder on making the Secret service Army better than it has ever been.

What would you say to somebody in Secret Service looking to rank up to leader?

Toxic Storm: I would tell them to keep working hard, have fun and to do their best because Secret service is a big family and we all support each other no matter the rank

Thank you! Do you have any final comments you’d like to add?

Toxic Storm: Well Thank you for this wonderful interview and thanks to everyone who has stuck by my side and helped me all this time, and now that Secret Service is back I hope we will be better than ever.

As we can see from the interview, Toxic Storm certainly has ambition and high hopes for the newest generation of the Secret Service. Hopefully he’s able to put these words into action and take Secret Service to that ever-so-lovely major ranking.


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