Top Ten Armies [6/20/21-6/26/21]

Snow Storm, CPAN HQ, TT Office – As this week marks the beginning of summer, we see five new armies join the Top 10 board. The competition for #1 remains as alive as more troops proceed to enter their summer break, allowing for an increase of size points for some armies. Read down below to find out this week’s Top 10 Armies scores.

1. Ice Warriors [+1] (80.29)

2. Help Force [+1] (72.5)

3. Army of Club Penguin [+1] (71.61)

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [-3] (69.67)

5.  Templars [+1] (49.38)

6/7. Silver Empire [Tied] (47.48)

6/7. Special Weapons and Tactics [Tied] (47.48)

8. Water Vikings [-1] (41.68)

9. Spartans [+2] (38.5)

10. Doritos of CP [+0] (31.75)

—- Close to Top 10 —-

11.  Fire Warriors [-2] (30.0)

12. Golden Troops [+4] (27.7)

13. Red Ravagers [+1] (26.0)

14. Smart Penguins [New] (24.8)

15. People’s Imperial Confederation [-3] (21.0)

16.  One Direction Army [NEW] (20.0)

17. ThunderStruck [NEW] (19.5)

18. Sea Serpents [-5] (17.0)

19. Crimson Guardians [NEW] (15.5)

20. Blue Ravagers [NEW] (9.0)

21. Medieval Warriors [-6] (0.0)*

To view the calculations, please click here.

*Medieval Warriors has received a reduction in size points for multi-logging.

Disclaimer: Summaries are based on armies’ own reports, whereas size points are based on recounted pictures.

1. Ice Warriors: This week, the Ice Warriors held an impressive 8 events. They began with a troop-led AUSIA and an EU/US graduation party, where they maxed 47 and 50, respectively. A couple of days later, they saw another 47 penguins attend a Summer Party. Two game-themed events followed: an AUSIA Fortnite-themed training maxing 37 and an EU/US battle between Roblox and Minecraft themes. Another AUSIA, where they dressed as meteors, had IW hit 37 troops online. Despite being cut short by a CPR update, their later Rainbow Party saw them reach another 37 max. To cap it off, IW held a Capture the Flag event with the Silver Empire, where 40 troops attended.

2. Help Force: After finishing third in last week’s Top Ten, Help Force followed up with another week of great results. To begin the week, the army held a UK training session in which a total of 45 troops attended. A couple of days later, Help Force held their first AUSIA event of the week with a max of 45 troops again. In a UK event entitled Operation: Nighthawk, Help Force maxed 38. To continue, HF held a US U-Lead event with 34 troops at the event. Similarly, HF then had another two successful AUSIA events with 45 and 34 troops attending respectively. Finally, HF wrapped a great week of events with a UK event with a max of 34 troops online. Help Force continues to be one of the most consistent armies in the CPA community and appears poised to have a dominant summer. 

3. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin had a busy week with 7 events in total.  They kicked things off with an invasion of Rah’s Dwarf village against the Doritos of Club Penguin, in which they successfully invaded the server and maxed 43.  On Wednesday they had an OG Style Dojo Battle against the Blue Ravagers that saw a clover victory and a max of 45.  They continued their week with an EUSIA Fish event, with a max of 46.  Friday saw ACP once again on the battlefield with an AUSIA Invasion of Crystal against the Templars and the defense of Eren’s basement against the Red Ravagers.  The clovers emerged victorious from both battles and maxed 33 and 30 respectively.  To finish off their week, ACP held a colorful event that saw a max of 41 and Operation: Search and rescue, a lifeguarding event with 30 members.

4. Rebel Penguin Federation: Rebel Penguin Federation held a total of 7 events this week. Starting on Tuesday, the Rebel Penguin Federation held an AUSIA event maxing a total of 37 troops, followed up by a US event maxing 32. Continuing with their weekly events on Wednesday, the RPF held an EU event and rocked the new checkered shoes on CPR, maxing a total of 45 troops. Next, on Thursday, the Rebel Penguin Federation held Ausia Operation Rebel Band, using musical tactics, whilst maxing 36. The same day, the RPF held an EU event, Operation Deep Dive, and maxed 49. Penultimately, on Friday, the Rebel Penguin Federation held a US Operation Nacho Libre and maxed 37. Lastly, to conclude their events for the week, the RPF held an AUSIA Operation Fish Fillet event on Saturday, managing to max 30 rebels online.

5. Templars: The Templars hosted 6 events this week. An AUSIA training to kick things off saw them max 13 troops in attendance. A later training had them max 27 Templars. 32 of their troops then turned up for a battle against ACP. Another 11 attended their AUSIA battle against the Golden Troops. A final US training had the Templars max a solid 40 penguins online. Finally, their EU battle against SWAT resulted in 30 Templars attending.

6/7.Silver Empire: The silver empire seemed to have a slow week despite having fewer events this week, compared to last week. However, that didn’t stop them from having a very successful week in claiming land and securing the wins. First up, they had a practice battle against Water Vikings to obtain their land, in which Silver Empire rose victoriously. They maxed 28. Next up, they invaded DCP’s land, Summit, in which again SE claimed victoriously. They maxed 26 during this event. Third, they had an AUSIA defense against Golden troops for the server Pumpkin Patch. They secured the win maxing 18 and Pumpkin Patch remained theirs. Their fourth event, consist of having a fishing tournament in which they maxed 20 penguins. To end this successful week, SE and IW held a practice battle and played capture the flag, maxing 17 penguins.

6/7. Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT held 5 events this week. The first, a Summer Takeover, saw them achieve a max of 27 troops in attendance. A second takeover, this time as lifeguards for an AUSIA, boasted 25 troops. Another AUSIA training had SWAT max 13 troops online. They also battled Help Force, achieving a max of 25. Finally, 25 of their members held a Pink Guitar Takeover with the Templars raiding their event.

8. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings held 5 events prior to the announcement of their shutdown. The first was an AUSIA Hydro Hopper tournament, where 17 Vikings attended. This was followed by training where they maxed 22. Their battle against the Templars, who was a no-show, saw them max another 24 troops. An EU defense against the Silver Empire resulted in a WV defeat, but 25 Vikings turned up nonetheless. Finally, WV defended against the Red Ravagers, where they maxed 14 troops despite being unsuccessful.

9. Spartans: The Spartans held 2 events this week, continuing to claim their spot on the Top Ten. First was a training event, where they maxed an impressive 40 troops. The second was their battle against the Fire Warriors, which 28 Spartans attended.

10. Doritos of CP: Barely holding onto their spot in the Top Ten, the Doritos held 4 events. They began with a defense against the Army of Club Penguin. While they were defeated, they maxed a respectable 14 troops. The Doritos followed this up with an unopposed invasion against Sidie’s Rangers with a max of 13 online. Another defense, this time against the Silver Empire, saw another 17 Doritos in attendance. To wrap things up, DCP successfully invaded one of PIC’s servers with a max of 13.

The temperature remains hot to secure a TOP 10 spot as more armies join the community. Stay tuned for next week’s feature of CPAN’s Top 10 Column.

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