CPAN Rules For Invasions and Defenses

The following rules apply for all server invasions involving the CPAN Map

  • Schedule all invasions in #invasions-schedule at least 24 hours in advance. If not, they will not be valid
  • Invasions can be scheduled up to a week beforehand.
  • At most three invasions can be scheduled at any given time and only two of these can be against another army. 
  • If multiple invasions are being carried out against the same army in a day, they cannot be in the same time zone and they must be a minimum of two hours apart. For e.g., if Army A invades Army B during AUSIA hours, Army A cannot invade Army B until EU hours begin.
  • All invasions are subject to CPAN judge availability. Please take this into consideration while deciding the times and number of invasions you schedule.
  • While invading another army’s server, the invading army can choose to lock it. This will prevent the defending army from transferring the server to a third party. Please note that this is an optional clause. If the request for locking isn’t provided, the defending army can transfer the server if they so desire.
  • The invading army must request judges in #judge-request if they’re battling against another army at least 120 minutes before a battle and get confirmation from the required number of judges at least 45 minutes before the start of a battle. Failure to do this will render the invasion invalid
  • Invasion of free land needs 1 judge and invasion against an army needs 3 judges. Please refer to our judging policy for more information
  • The invading army must have at least 5 members present at the invasion in order for it to be valid.
  • An army leader must be informed if their server is being invaded
  • Invasion of a capital can take place only when an army  has lost all other servers.
  • The only battles for a capital and tournament will go into overtime. These battles will at most have two overtime rooms. In the case of a tie, the defending army will keep their territory.
  • If the defending army does not show up, the invading army needs to remain only for ten minutes before declaring victory.
  • Armies may decline i.e. veto up to 2 judges per battle. No rejections can be made after the 4 hour mark i.e. 4 hours before the start of the battle. Please refer to our judging policy for more information.
  • Invading armies can set the terms for the war/invasion. CPAN Army Board will review terms to ensure that they are reasonable. Terms such as defending army cannot log on, defending army cannot schedule invasions from 12am to 12pm etc. are invalid. Outlandish terms like these will be nullified by CPAN.
  • The server Snow Storm is CPAN’s base of operations and cannot be invaded by any army, and CPAN cannot invade any army’s server.

If the defending army has issues with any terms of the invasion set by the invading army, they must raise those concerns at least 60 minutes prior to the start of the battle, otherwise the rules of the invading army in addition to these standard rules will apply. The invading army must specify the proxy server they’re planning to use.

Format for declaring an invasion, posted in #invasion-schedule (must be done at least 24 hours in advance):

Army Name: Army A (vs Army B if its not free land)

Invasion of Server: Icicle

CPPS and Proxy server: CPR Ascent

Date & Time: 6/29/21 2PM EST

@armyleader OR Unclaimed Land

All valid invasions will be shown in #invasions and will list the judge(s) assigned to the battle. This will be done by a judge or head judge shortly after an army leader schedules the invasion in #invasion-schedule and after the judges have been accepted in #judge-request. In the event, your invasion hasn’t been listed in #invasions at the two hour mark (i.e. 2 hours before the start of the battle) please contact a head judge, or another member of staff as soon as possible.

Common Terms of Engagement

All invasions will be subject to the following common terms of engagement. Armies found in violation of these terms will be subjected to penalties that will be determined by the Army Board based on the severity of the violation. The penalties may range from a deduction of points in that week’s Top Ten up to voiding of that invasion.

The common terms of engagement are as follows – 

  • No multi-logging, botting or any other means of unfairly increasing an army’s size
  • No blackmailing
  • No doxxing tactics or DDoSing
  • No toxic tactics (attacking someone’s race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, etc.)

War Terms

In addition to the common terms of engagement and the standard rules of invasion, the following additional rules apply in the case of war.

“No transfers” is an optional term, declaring this would only lock the land with an invasion scheduled on it. This is a term that is not allowed to be denied.

When an army loses all of their land, the losing army will be forced to sign a force treaty. When making a force treaty, armies are not allowed to force things such as merges, colonization, or leadership changes. All treaties are subject to review by CPAN’s board, and terms that are found to violate the rules of the league will be invalidated and the winning army will be informed of the same and will be provided an opportunity to change them.

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