Raging Seas War Day 2: A Serpent Victory

CPAN Headquarters – Day 2 of the Raging Seas War has come to an end. However, the war’s outcome has brought forth immense controversy surrounding it. The presented controversy revolves around Medieval Warriors’ leader Tasty, who was found guilty of multilogging by both the Sea Serpents and the Club Penguin Army Network.

On June 21st, the Medieval Warriors and the Sea Serpents battled it out where the Serpents invaded the server Yukon. The battle would eventually conclude with the results of the Sea Serpents winning every room and successfully invading Yukon.

Day 1: Judge’s Verdict

The aftermath of this battle would turn sour quickly, as proof of multilogging from Medieval Warriors’ leader, Tasty, came to the surface when Club Penguin Army Network did a full-on investigation into the matter. Sea Serpents Leader, Darci, did an investigation after the battle and found evidence of the Medieval Warriors multilogging in the battle due to no promotions being given afterward (which was promised for attending), as well as Tasty not doing anything while the other accounts were moving slowly. This plus an investigation was done by an anonymous Club Penguin Rewritten staff member, where they ran all the accounts through Club Penguin Rewritten’s system which showed that all the accounts were linked.

On June 21st, the Medieval Warriors made a judge request to hold another battle against the Sea Serpents for June 23rd, but the Sea Serpents have stated they will not be attending and will instead be holding a Victory Parade event on that day, because the Medieval Warriors multilogged in the first battle. In the terms of war, which is listed in the Sea Serpent’s Declaration of War post, it was stated that there should be “No Multilogging, Doxxing, or DDoSINg of any sort”, which means that the Sea Serpents automatically win the war due to the fact the Medieval Warriors multilogged.

At the end of Day 2 of the short-lived Raging Seas war, it looks like the Sea Serpents will come out victorious over the Medieval Warriors due to this matter.

What do YOU think? What are YOUR thoughts about the conclusion of the Raging Seas war? Let us know your thoughts!


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