The Raging Seas War: Day 1 Recap

CPAN Headquarters – Day 1 of the Raging Seas war has come to an end, and we take a look back at the first battle between the Sea Serpents and the Medieval Warriors. With both armies showing similar sizes, which one came out on top?

On June 21st, the Medieval Warriors and the Sea Serpents battled it out in the first battle of their war with the Serpents invading the Warriors’ server Yukon. The battle started at 3:00 PM EST and both armies showed low sizes, with maxes of 6 and 4 respectively. The battle rooms included the Cove, Iceberg, and Beach. Let’s take a look at what the results of each room were.


In this room, both armies began on a great note. The Serpents entered first with the Warriors close behind and showed fast and strong tactics. They also showed a size advantage, more speed, and clarity, which did not help the Medieval Warriors. Due to the Warriors’ slower and messier forms, the judges agreed that room one belonged to the Sea Serpents.

First battle room, the cove


In the second room, the Warriors picked up speed-wise, but it wasn’t enough to match the clean tactics from the enemy. The Serpents first made a clean horizontal line, whereas the Warriors struggling to show a clean form. For similar reasons as in the first room, this room too went to the Sea Serpents.

The second battle room, the iceberg


The Medieval Warriors’ again sped up and coordinated themselves, but still struggled. The Sea Serpents were able to keep their clean forms and tactics. The Warriors attempted to redeem themselves, but ultimately, it wasn’t enough to overpower the Serpents. The final room again went to the Sea Serpents.

Final battle room, the beach

After a very interesting battle, the Sea Serpents came out on top with a 3-0-0 clean sweep. The judges applauded the Serpents’ uniformity and cleanliness. Both armies put up a good fight, and another battle has already been scheduled for Wednesday, June 23rd. Will the Serpents keep up their winning streak? What’s to come in the Raging Seas war?

The judges’ verdict, click to enlarge

What do YOU think, who will emerge winner in this war of Raging Seas?


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