Top Ten Armies [6/13/21 – 6/19/21]

Snow Storm, CPAN HQ, TT Office – On this week’s Top Ten Armies news, we saw numerous armies host several trainings in preparation for Legends Cup! As well as that, we see some reshuffling for the first four ranks. Wonder who got #1 this week? Read down below to find out more!

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [+2] (79.8)

2. Ice Warriors [-1] (79.73)

3. Help Force [+1] (79.12)

4. Army of Club Penguin [-2] (75.2)

5. Silver Empire [+3] (56.67)

6.  Templars [-1] (53.63)

7. Water Vikings [+0] (49.82)

8. Special Weapons and Tactics [-2] (36.4)

9.  Fire Warriors [+2] (36.2)

10. Doritos of CP [-1] (34.65)

—- Close to Top 10 —-

11. Spartans [-1] (31)  

12. People’s Imperial Confederation [+0] (27.5)

13. Sea Serpents [+2] (25.86)

14. Red Ravagers [+0] (17)

15. Medieval Warriors [+1] (14.5)

16. Golden Troops [-3] (13.67)

17. Sidie’s Rangers [NEW] (13.1)

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Disclaimer: Summaries are based on armies’ own reports, whereas size points are based on recounted pictures.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation held a total of 9 events this week. To begin with, they held an Operation Sandy Summers event, maxing 38 troops. Secondly, they held an Ausia Operation of Disney event and maxed 40 troops. Thirdly, the RPF organized an “Ok Boomer” event and managed to max 51 online. In their fourth event of the week, the Rebels held Operation Colorful Cardigans and maxed 48. Continuing with their events, Rebel Penguin Federation held an Ausia Operation Lost and Found event, completing lots of riddles and maxing 40 troops online. Next, the RPF held an Operation Diggy Diggy Hole event, digging around the island for items and ultimately, maxing a total of 40 troops. Towards the end of their week, the RPF held a US Operation Track Champions event and managed to max 36. Penultimately, the Rebel Penguin Federation held an Operation Fabulous Fathers event and maxed 33 penguins online. Lastly, to close their weekly events, the RPF held a friendly practice battle against SWAT and maxed 67, whilst emerging victorious. 

2. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors held 7 events this week. They began on Sunday with an AUSIA mining event with the Water Vikings, where they reached a total of 44 penguins online. Later that day, they held an EU/US battle vs. The Silver Empire, and peaked at 37. On Tuesday, the Warriors had a Harry Styles themed event, wearing their colorful cardigans and reaching a size of 44. The next day, they held an AUSIA training event, where they hit a max of 40. Then, they held an EU/US Color Wars event where they split into two teams; Team Red & Team Blue. They had 49 troops in attendance. On Friday, they held an EU/US Hide and Seek event, where they peaked at 45 troops. To finish off their week, The Ice Warriors had an AUSIA training event, and hit a max of 33.

3. Help Force: The Help Force hosted a total of 6 events this week. They started the week with an AUSIA training event where they maxed 52 penguins. They then had another AUSIA training event that hit a max of 46 penguins online. The next day they held an EU branch battle that maxed 38. They follow up with an EU/US history-themed event for a max of 33. Their last two events of the week were “Bush Brawl” team battles, an AUSIA and an EU/US event maxing 51 and 42 penguins respectively.

4. Army of Club Penguin: The Clovers had an exciting and busy week with 9 events in total.  They kicked things off by roaming the island undercover as civilians where they reached an impressive 47 penguins.  They continued their week with a US training event, which saw 34 members sharpening their tactics.  Moving on, ACP logged on with 34 penguins to defend Ascent from the Templars but sadly they were unsuccessful.  Following that however, 45 clovers successfully invaded Alexandria from the Templars, in an AUSIA battle.  Continuing on, their EU/US region, paid a tribute to Boomer20 also known as Afro Guy in Operation: Bad Hair Day, where they saw a max of 33.  Heading further into their week, they had a tasty apron event and a Pizzatron competition in which they reached 30 chefs online. ACP’s AUSIA division logged on to invade Funny Bone against Silver Empire, which ended up in a tie, maxing 30.  In their new region combination, their EUSIA region went back in time for a prehistoric event, in which they maxed 44.  To finish off their week, the clovers rose to the skies in a balloon event, before they landed safely for a fun game of hide and seek, maxing 26.

5. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire held a total of 7 events this week. They started off the week with a fun practice battle with the Ice Warriors which we saw them max 16 penguins online. In the next day the Silvers invaded Parka against the Sidie’s Rangers with a max of 19. Silver Empire had a fun Find Four Dominance which we saw them max a total of 29 penguins. For celebrating one of their HCOM’s one year anniversary, the Silver Empire logged on CPR with a max of 32 penguins. For an Ausia event, the empire logged on for a Funny Bone event with the Army of Club Penguin with 25 online. The following day they had a fun battle with Magma Clan where we saw them max a total of 23 penguins. To finish off their week, the Silver Empire held U-Lead sushi takeover with a max of 27 penguins.

6.  Templars: The Templars held a stunning 6 events this week. Beginning with an AUSIA training, they maxed 14 troops. A later training, this time US, had them reach 35 templars online. Then, they invaded ACP with an impressive max of 45. A practice battle against FW saw them max 31, and another battle against PIC saw them with a max of 37. To top off their week, 36 templars attended a training event.

7. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings had a total of 6 events this week. They kicked off the week with a max of 21 at an AUSIA battle with the Ice Warriors. A couple of days later, they held “Coffee Takeover”, an EU event where they saw a max of 22. Their following event was a fun Capture the Flag event alongside their allies, the Silver Empire where they maxed 20 penguins. Later, the Water Vikings had a battle with the People’s Imperial Confederation, successfully conquering Beanie with 13 attendees. Then, they had a max of 22 at an AUSIA battle where they invaded SWAT’s server, Ganger’s Gorillas. The army wrapped up their eventful week with an EU staff U-Lead in which they saw their highest max of the week with an impressive 26 troops online.

8. Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT held a total of 4 events this week. They kicked off their week with a max of 25 penguins on for their first training of the week. On Thursday, they continued with a Legends Cup training, which maxed 28 penguins. The following day, they held an AUSIA training event, maxing 12 penguins. To finish off their week, they went against their allies, The Rebel Penguin Federation, in an EU practice battle, maxing 21 penguins.

9. Fire Warriors: Fire Warriors had a busy week, hosting a total of 4 events. To start their fiery week, they hosted an AUSIA practice battle against Sea Serpents, in which they secured the win. They maxed a total of 16 penguins during this event. Next up, they had a practice battle against Templars of CP, in which they maxed 16, again. Following that, they hosted an event named Operation: Speed is Key, in which they logged on together to practice their speed and formations in preparation for Legends Cup. They maxed a total of 18 penguins! To end the lovely week off, they had their Legends Cup training in which they maxed a total of 16 penguins. 

10. Doritos: The Doritos of Club Penguin had a total of 4 events this week.  With an exciting start, they began their week by battling Red Ravagers and trying to defend Musta’s AFK Store.  They saw a max of 18 penguins.  To continue, 13 penguins logged on, in which they successfully invade Sabertooth against the Golden Troops.  A training event was held on Saturday, that saw a max of 14 penguins perfecting their formations.  To finish off their week, the Doritos once again took it out on the battlefield with Red Ravagers.  This time, they successfully invaded Masked Dreams and maxed 15 members.

Well done to all armies this week. We look forward to see what this week has in store for the community. Let us know in the comments down below on your predictions for next week!

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