This Week in CPA History: OldCP and “Clash of the Empire”

CPAN Headquarters – Welcome to CP Army Network’s inaugural edition of “This Week in CPA History”, where we look at important events in the past that define our community today. This edition will focus on one of the first Club Penguin Private Servers (CPPS) that armies used, OldCP.

Most people in the community, when they hear the term “Club Penguin Private Server” might think of popular CPPS’ today, such as Club Penguin Rewritten (CPR), New Club Penguin (NewCP), or to go for a CPPS for armies, Club Penguin Armies: The Game (CPATG). However, the idea for a CPPS specifically for armies did not originate with Club Penguin Online (CPO) or CPATG. In fact, the idea for a general CPPS started in the early years of Club Penguin, for armies to slowly find CPPS’. A little earlier than 2011, Club Penguin moderators were beginning to get more strict, and people who wanted to bypass these restrictions started to find their way to CPPS’. However, the popularity of the original Club Penguin never died down during this time, making it a slow process for CPPS’ to become prominent.

About 2 years later, CPPS’ started to become a real possibility for armies. They allowed armies to escape the constant bans from Club Penguin moderators, especially since armies used tactics that could be considered harmful to others when battling. Along with this, the Club Penguin moderators worked for a company, unlike CPPS which were privately owned by people around the same ages as some higher-ups in armies. Waterkid100, a somewhat influential person at the time, pushed the idea for a private server for armies first, in 2013. There were many pros and cons at the time, so most armies continued with regular Club Penguin.

Even though there was backlash on the idea, the CPPS persisted. Eventually, Club Penguin Warfare was created, as a private server for armies to get their perfect uniform and more benefits. The CPPS survived for quite a while. As all good things end, though, CPW was outmatched by other servers that were starting to become more popular.

One of these private servers was OldCP. The difference between OldCP and other servers was that there was a way to have actual snowball fights on Club Penguin. Armies did not have to use this mechanic, but if they wanted to, they could battle other armies by throwing snowballs at troops of the other army. In honor of this new tactic, they hosted a tournament on OldCp – “Clash of the Empire – Snowball Showdown”; more information on the tournament and the CPPS itself can be found in a post on CP Army Central called “Clash of the Empire: Snowball Showdown”

The logo for “Clash of the Empire – Snowball Showdown”

Quite a few armies participated in this new style of tournament, which did not entail the regular battling of armies then. Instead, armies participated in a physical tournament, which was just as fun. The community started loving this so much, that they started asking for OldCP events to be counted as part of the Top Ten. This led to a partial split in peoples’ opinions, but at the end of the day, people just supported regular tactics more. Eventually, the idea of snowball fights was lost in history, with modern CPPS armies revolutionizing new and improved battle tactics.

With the idea put to rest, it looks as if this idea may not resurface much again in the army community, but only time can tell.

What do YOU think? Do YOU think that this type of battle would be more fun? Should this battle form be revived? Let us know what you think about the Snowball Showdown!


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