[BREAKING] Sea Serpents Declare War on Medieval Warriors

CPAN Headquarters – just over one month after its creation, the Sea Serpents of Club Penguin have suddenly declared war on Medieval WarriorsJust what led to this declaration of war?

Update 18/06/21 3:06 AM BST – We changed the picture for the Medieval Warriors opening event as it was held one day prior to the event picture we used. We also replaced Tasty’s comment with Ronaldo Vargass’ comment, as he had more to say about the situation.

The Sea Serpents are a fairly new army, having been created by Myth, Darci45 and Alma on the 31st of May, 2021. The army was the result of ex Army of the Orient Seas members and leaders; just after an invalid revival. The army consistently finds itself just outside of the weekly top ten armies, and have been known to average around 5-10 members at their events.

Sea Serpents maxing 8 in their Grand Opening event.

The Medieval Warriors, the newer of the two, were created just last week on the 12th of June, by Ronaldo and Tasty. The army has started out with similar sizes as the Sea Serpents, maxing anywhere from 5-10 at their current events. They, too, will often hang around just outside of the weekly top ten armies.

Medieval Warriors maxing 5 at their opening event on June 12th.

The two armies seemed to have nothing to do with each other; just extremely neutral. That was until a post was released on the Sea Serpents website on the 18th of June, at 1:55 am BST. The post, entitled “Declaration of War on Medieval Warriors,” announced a state of war between the two armies. The Serpents cite that “since [MWs] opening, the [Medieval Warriors] has been committing several war crimes inside the community,” an example of what these “war crimes,” are can be seen below:

From stealing troops to raiding servers. They also tried to do it with us! After a recent incident of troop stealing on bribing one of our staff.

-Darci45 on “Declaration of War on Medieval Warriors

As we can see, Darci claims the Medieval Warriors “bribed” a Serpents staff member, raided their servers, and further troop stole from them. Sea Serpents then go on to display the following image:

MW staff member “Tasty” can be seen attempting to “bribe” and “troop steal” a Serpents staff member, “LordMegatron.”

After reading all of this, the CP Army Network reached out to the Medieval Warriors leader Ronaldo for a statement regarding the war, and what defensive measures they plan to take.

What does the Medieval Warriors think about the war? Will you take part?

We didn’t know that lord megatron was in sea serpents and she/he came willingly and said that they were gonna join us.

When questioned further regarding their participation in the war, Ronaldo replied with:

Yes we will, and we will win this meaningless war.

As we can see, the Medieval Warriors had no idea this war was coming and as a result it may be harder for them to defend themselves. Hopefully, we can see them pick themselves up and perform in the battles against the Sea Serpents. Ronaldo seems pretty confident in the Medieval Warriors, so let’s see how well that confidence aids them in the battlefield.

Whilst the declaration was a surprise to many in the community, it will be interesting to see how both armies perform considering we haven’t seen much from either army quite yet. It will also be interesting due to the fact that war is a rarity nowadays, it’s something that when it does happen, is something to look out for.


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