The Flame Burns Out: Magma Clan to Shut Down Indefinitely

CPAN Headquarters – just one single month after its creation, the Magma Clan finds itself in an indefinite state of closure, what exactly led to this sudden decision?

Update 18/06/21 2:38 AM BST – The interview with Lukey has been complete and added just before the post ends.

*Please note that the interview was unable to be completed. When I get the chance to sit down with Lukey this notice will be removed and the interview updated. Sorry in advance.

Magma Clan was created by Lukey and Darklink on the 8th of May, 2021. The army could be dubbed as a “rebellion” of some kind due to the nature of its high command and leaders, most of them being former notable figures in the Templars. The army saw sizes of around 10-12 in their opening event, and rising and eventually falling from there. A picture of their opening event can be seen below:

Magma Clan reaching sizes of 12 doing the phrase “WE’RE TOO HOT” in their opening event.

In the time the army was alive, their most notable encounter was their short war with Templars. During which, Magma Clan did not win a single battle. The reason for the battle being that Darklink, one of the Magma Clan creators, held racist beliefs and attempted to overthrow the Templars leadership – this could relate back to the Magma Clan attempting to become a Templars rebellion.

After the war end, the Magma Clan saw the departure of Darklink and a few other high command members. Some would say this is the turning point for Magma Clan, just unfortunately in the opposite way. After this, the army held less events per week and started seeing sizes of only 5-7+.

It seemed a closure was inevitable at this point, and at 4:24 AM BST on June 14, Lukey suspended all Magma Clan operations in an announcement on the main server, which can be read below:

As you can probably already tell I am temporarily shutting this army down as I literally haven’t been on discord once for 3 days, maybe this returns idk.
As you can see, the main reason for the shut down can be described as inactivity from the creator/leader. Will we see the “maybe” return? To find out, I asked Lukey for an interview.
Interview Section
What led to the shut down of Magma Clan?
Lukey: I just lost motivation man that’s all, sure people left but it was manly the fact that events and recruiting became more of a job. We were still doing alright even with my poor activity, but that didn’t matter to me.

Do you think there will ever be a return in future?
Lukey: If I feel someone has a legitimate chance of making it decent then sure I wouldn’t mind.
What’s next for you in Club Penguin Armies?
Lukey: As an answer to your question, I never plan on returning to CPA anytime soon but I’ll probably just hang around. Trying to work on more productive things as I prefer not to do this as I get older.
Thank you! Do you have any final comments?
Lukey: I just want to add that everyone’s opinion in CPA is as valuable as the Z*mbabwean dollar. I’ll be here laughing making millions by selling bootleg Gucci clothes funded by the Democratic People’s Republic of China while everyone else continues to grow a neckbeard chanting “E9 ON 3!”
As we can see from the interview, despite the fact Lukey has no intention to ever return to armies as a whole; it’s pretty likely the Magma Clan will remain dead. Although, if somebody he deems worthy wanted to take up the challenge, he would consider letting them.
Magma Clan in its short time alive were able to stay around 9th – 10th in the weekly Top Ten, something a lot of SM armies struggled with. Its just unfortunate that the army suffered the loss of a leader, high command, a war, etc. Hopefully, one day, the fire will relight and Magma Clan will make a come back. Until then though, it seems Lukey is done with Club Penguin Armies.
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